chapter five

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chapter five


     I SMILED AT MY MOM and spun around a few times to model for her. She laughed and clapped her hands as she constantly told me how beautiful I was in this outfit. I'm never one to put on pretty things, so this must be a big deal to my mom to see me so nice.

     I was wearing an outfit I had bought with Julia the week before, and I was loving it. I had on some simple high waisted navy blue velvet shorts and a white crop top that had a small turtleneck - all formal. I had on a statement necklace and my hair was in a high ponytail with the ends curled lightly. I even put on makeup.

     Julia was right, I should definitely dress up more often.

     "Have a great time, hon." My mom smiled and kissed my cheek as I opened the front door.

     She thought I was going to a dinner party with Julia's-friend's-family, but I was actually going to my first high school party a few miles away.

     I was beyond excited.

     I began to walk down the stairs towards a beat up car waiting for me right at the bottom of my house. I knew Julia was waiting for me in there.

     "Jeez, Ashy, you look hot!" My best friend sung as I climbed into the car. I only laughed and sat in the backseat behind her and her new boyfriend Chad. I haven't really talked to him yet but he seemed nice.

     Before I knew it, we were at the party and Julia was guiding me through the house.

     Girls were dancing on guys and vice versa, cups of alcohol were all over the place, the music was blaring, and the house felt hot. I could tell it was going to be a long night, but I kept reassuring myself that I'd be fine because I was here with my best friend, so there was no need to worry.

     "If anyone tries to steal your purse, just start screaming. Someone will come to the rescue." Julia said in my ear. I giggled. "Also, don't go too far. I don't want to lose you in this mess." She said.

     I blushed but tried to hide it by waving my face with my hand.

     "It's hot in here." I said, practically panting like a dog. Julia turned to look at me and burst out laughing.

     "It's all the warm bodies in one place." She explained. The warm bodies had nothing to do with my sudden burst of heat - it was Julia who did that to me. But I'd never tell her that.

     We reached the kitchen and started picking some food of trays together.

     "You're going to have such a great time." She smiled. "It's your first party! Something that needs to go in a photo album!"

     "Yeah." I smiled and plopped a grape inside my mouth. She scrunched up her nose and giggled. I loved to make her laugh. "Guess what I brought?" I smiled and pulled out a bag of sour patch kids. Julia's eyes widened.

     "I've been craving those!" She exclaimed.

     I began to open the bag right when some guy came speeding by me and knocked me off my feet as the sour patch kids went flying. I regained my balance and looked at the floor where all the candies were being stepped on with my mouth agape.

     "Well there goes three bucks." I groaned and rolled my eyes as Julia laughed.

     Chad came up to Julia and whispered something in her ear - very smoothly and soft, may I add. Julia just smiled and nodded her head before walking towards me and handing me her red solo cup.

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