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Dress that Rebecca wears out for dinner.

After the orphanage, it was like I was seeing Maddox in a new light. He was suddenly thoughtful and I enjoyed his company more.

Today, we're going out for dinner. I fidgeted nervously in my room, pacing from wall to window, then back again.

I bit my lip nervously before picking up the phone and calling for Madame Flooré. Butterflies stirred my stomach and I felt ill. I tried to take some calming breathes, to relax myself.

I really don't want to be sick the day in supposed to go out with Maddox. This thought caused me to still. Why would I not want to be sick? Aren't I supposed to be jumping at the chance to get out of it?

Before I could think anymore on it, Madame Flooré came in.

"You called for me, Ms. White?" She asked thickly in an accent.

I nodded, then resumed my nervous pace.

"Maddox is taking me out to dinner tonight, and I know that it's going to be a formal event. What should I do? What should I wear?" I ranted.

Madame seemed surprised for a moment, then a small smile broke across her face.

"Well, dear, it's very obvious. We get you new dress, we do makeup and hair. But first, bath. Calm your nerves, yeah?" She answered smoothly, guiding me to the restroom.

I stripped, used to having company in the bathroom while I'm naked by now. After the water filled the tub, I sunk in, relaxing in the Epson salt and fragrances.

I could hear Madame talking hurriedly with a maid. I sighed, feeling my muscles relax from the hot water. I smiled, this feels much better. It ended all too soon though.

Madame pulled me out of the bath and into the frigid air. I waddled into my robe and over to my bedroom.

"And here we are! What do you think?" She asked, holding out a beautiful, light olive green dress that was made with beautiful silk.

I gasped, eyeing the dress with wonder.

"It's perfect!" I gasped.

She smiled, proud of her choice, the began drying me roughly. I winced at the rough material. After she was done, she dragged me off to the vanity mirror.

She dried and curled my hair to perfection, then put it up in an elegant bun. Then she started on my make up, simply but elegant. When I looked in the mirror, I looked like a goddess.

I smiled as I slipped on the dress. It pooled on my body like water and clung beautifully. I felt amazing. Madame but me in some small pumps, knowing I am uncomfortable in high heels.

I let out a breath as I checked the time. My heart sped. It's almost 6:00. Maddox should be here soon. I paced once again, tripping every now and again in my haste. Madame rolled her eyes at me, before leaving.

I made sure to thank her on her way out. At least, 10 minutes later I'd say, there was a knock at my door. I rushed to open it, but made sure to compose myself first.

And there was Maddox, looking like a Greek god from a fairy tale. Beautiful, tall and strong. The embodiment of perfection. I smiled as I saw him in his black and white tux, looking like a handsome devil.

Can one do that? Look like both God and devil? Well then, Maddox did. He was gorgeous.

"Good evening, beautiful," he whispered huskily.

"You look amazing."

I blushed at the compliment.

"You too," I replied.

Then shook my head.

"You ready to go?"

He nodded, smiling mischievously. I took his arm shyly as we walked outside to the car.

"I really think you'll like this place," said Maddox.

I grinned at him. I knew I'd love anything as long as he was there.


"Maddox! Where are we?" I asked, indignant.

He laughed.

"At my favorite club. It's called Cherry's. Have you ever been clubbing before, beautiful?"

"Of course not! I am from royal standings. We don't just do these things!" I replied stiffly.

"Come now! It'll be fun," he said smiling.

"Princes should not go clubbing," I grumble, disapprovingly as he dragged me gently to be the bar.

"Cosmo, and a water for the lady," Maddox said.

"Why water?" I asked, confused.

"You don't need alcohol," he scoffed.

That made my blood boil for some reason.

"No! I want to try it," I said, determined.

He took one look at my face and gave in.

"Fine. A fruit bowl for the lady," he corrected.

I smiled, pleased. Then, I was passed a fruity drink filled with pink liquid and floating strawberries.

The glass was fancy and pretty, it swirled every which way and was shaped with a curvy figure. I took a sip and flavor exploded pleasantly across my tongue.

I closed my eyes in pleasure before ordering another. And another. Maddox laughed, slightly nervous, before cutting me off.

"No more of that. We want a sober Rebecca."

I giggled at him. Drunk? Me? Never! I've never drank in my life. I hiccuped then grinned at him flirtingly.

"C'mon princey! Let us dance!" I laughed, dragging him through the flashing lights and sweating bodies.

He looked stunned as he followed. Finally, I reached a nice spot, where I pressed up against him and rubbed myself on him. I had learned how to do this in a novel.

I felt confident that I should be doing it right. The prince seemed to be enjoying it, so I continued, wrapping my arms around his neck.

After awhile, it started to get really hot, so I bent over and wrapped the skirt of my dress. Maddox gaped, shocked as I ripped the fabric clean to two inches above my knees.

Then I laughed, which seemed to ease him and we started dancing again. This time, my legs could rub closer into his, my thighs on full view. Maddox's eyes seemed to darken, which amused me a great deal.

"Rebecca..." He groaned as I pressed closer.

Then, he grabbed my chin in his hands and pushed a desperate kiss to my lips, which I eagerly accepted and returned. That night we danced and kissed. I felt like Cinderella.

But in a sweaty club, dancing scantily dressed.

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