chapter six

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chapter six


I DIDNT GET ANY SLEEP last night. The memories of the party were too overpowering; causing me to toss and turn all night. By the time it had reached five o'clock, I knew I was never going to be able to have a peaceful sleep. I eventually just gave up trying.

Something inside of me seemed to take over the actions in my body as I reached for the phone and dialed May Parker's number. She could be asleep, for all I know, but I wanted to try anyway.

"Hello, Ashley James." She said as cheerful as ever. It was five-o-six and she sounded like it was one in the afternoon.

"May?" I whispered, trying not to wake my parents up. "Did I wake you up?"

"Oh, no." She giggled. My shoulders seemed to relax after hearing her laugh. "I'm at the park that's in the middle of town."

My eyes widened. That was the park I was alone at last night. I ended up staying there until one in the morning because everything was too painful. I could barely get home without hurting.

"What're you doing there so early?" I asked.

"Waiting for the sunrise." She spoke softly. I could hear her breathing through the phone and it made me smile. "Want to join me?"

I smiled as wide as I possibly could and turned my face into my pillow. For some reason my stomach twisted and I hated that it did that.

"Yeah." I answered. "I'd love to."

"Well, get your butt over here as fast as you can. I'm on the hill in the middle of the park." She laughed. I laughed too and began to climb out of bed.

"Okay, see you soon." I said. She said goodbye and we hung up soon after.

I have never been so happy to have a new friend. Especially a friend like May Parker. She made me so much happier and whenever I was around her, I forget all about Julia and the bad memories. It was my own paradise when I was with her.

I quickly threw on a hoodie and jeans and put my hair in a ponytail. My bedroom was on the first floor, so I just jumped out of the window and closed it behind me. I didn't want my parents to hear me open the front door at five in the morning because that would be an absolute nightmare. So, of course, I chose the next best thing.

Ten minutes later, I passed by the bench I cried on last night and continued to walk to the hill, where May told me she was.

She came into sight soon after and was laying down on the top of the hill with her arms behind her head. Her shirt was raised a little and her midriff was exposed into the open. She and I looked to be the only ones in the park at this hour.

"Hey." I smiled and wiped my palms on my thighs. She turned her head and smiled as well while she pat the space next to her. I sat down, nervously, and crossed my legs into a pretzel position. She sat up as well and placed her hands in her lap.

"Ashley James." She lured. She pulled her knees close to her chest and rested her head on top with a smirk glued to her face. "You made it just in time."

"Oh, good." I smiled and looked towards the sky while trying to ignore the fluttering in my stomach.

It wasn't pitch black anymore like it was when I was here four hours ago. It was a lighter shade of dark with a tint of orange peeking out from the horizon. It was a completely different scene from before.

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