Chapter 43

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Suddenly blue flames erupted around my father burning his skin as he tried to get rid of it but the flames were not disappearing this time. I look at Duke who had anger in his eyes. He was frustrated, enrage and he wanted to kill my father. He had just made the blue flames from the surge of emotions flowing through him.

My father manage to extinguish the fire on him but not the furious Duke that was ready to kill him. My father just stood there staring at him, observing him. Flames started to grow around Duke and turn into different colours. The room was even melting a bit from the intense heat of his flame.

"Duke don-"

A flash of red and yellow zooms past me towards my father. I immediately turn to look seeing Duke rage out of control. The flames were rotating around him and growing wildly like wild flowers. It move around burning the bed and creating a hole in the wall, letting the sunlight leak in.

I see blood drip onto the floor. I stare in fear as I see Duke stab my father with a sword made out of flames. My father coughs out blood splattering all over Duke's face and sword. I cover my mouth as I see Duke suddenly pull the sword out of my father spilling all his blood everywhere.

My father dropped to the ground before trying to get up but Duke pierce through his flesh once again with his sword. All I could see was Duke's back, I couldn't see his face. Was he relishing killing my father? Was he anger? Was he happy to kill? Was he a monster?

"Don't say things about her like that nor her mother because without her mother she wouldn't be here today. Also even though I have a sword piercing through your skin, I'm grateful that you and her mother made her because without her I would not have seen things differently from my fellow Elementals. I would have been suck in that hole of power which you are in now." Duke said to my father.

I hear my father let out an evil chuckle as Duke presses the sword harder into him.

"You still have a lot to learn, my boy." My father said before disappearing from the ground.

Suddenly I felt something pressing against my neck and some wet liquid trailing down my neck. I did not dare move as I felt the cold and sharpness of a knife. One wrong move and I was a goner.

"You can't beat me at my own game, Duke. No matter what you do, someone's going to end up being hurt either way." My father said behind me.

"The only one that's going to get hurt is you." Duke said before looking at me.

From the look he was giving me, I could tell that he wanted me to use my powers to free myself but I just couldn't. Duke looks at me slightly confused and angry. He did not understand why I wasn't going to hurt my father.

"Pshh, you don't seem to know her that well. She would never hurt her own father. Is that right, Winty?" My father said digging the knife into my skin.

"Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to your daughter? Your children? Everyone? What has the world done to make you like this? What kind of father are you?" Duke shouted at him not daring to move from his spot in case my father decides to end my life.

"You wouldn't understand what it has done to me. The lives it took away from me. I won't let you take the only thing that matter to me now." My father said gripping on my arm tightly.

Suddenly I heard a choking sound from behind me and the knife drops to the floor. I quickly turn around to see Duke holding his throat. I move backwards as my father tries to escape from his grip but Duke squeezed my father harder making his face turn light blue. He then set his hands on fire burning my father's throat.

My father laid down there lifeless while Duke stares at him. I let out a silent sob slowly moving towards him before being blocked by Duke whose hands was filled with my own family's blood. I pushed Duke away and sat down beside my father.

I felt a hand pulling me back but I didn't want to go. I lean down my forehead against my father's forehead before closing his eyes with my dirty hands. So quick and so fast. Why did you die so fast?

I took hold of my father's hand and kiss it. I placed it on my face covering anyone from seeing my tears. It was so hard to control it.

"Let's go home." Duke said dragging me out the door as I stare at my father's face one more time.

I silently crying over my father's death as Duke dragged me home. He did not know and he must not know the truth.

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