[1] The girl with no name

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A bright white light blinds her opening eyes. She blinds a few time letting her eyes adjust to the bright light.

Once her eyes have adjusted she sits up and looks around the empty nurse's office in confusion. Moving so her legs hang off the white hospital like bed. The white walls, the cold white tile floor and the plain white ceiling giving off an uneasy vibe.

She looks down at her ripped jeans which looked like claw marks, her wrinkled black shirt with a red target sign on it.

Her bare feet connect with the cold white tile making a light clicking noise. She looks around the room with her light brown eyes. Her footsteps the only sound as she walks around this empty room. Her long black hair reaching the back of her knees.

She turns to the door which is painted bright red. She looked at the door unsure if she should trust it. She decides this is her only way out so she goes up to the door holding the silver handle. She stares at her hand for a couple of seconds before opening the door.

Her jaw drops from what she sees. "It...it can't be..." She says in shock.


The school of psychopaths was a legend or tale to scare children into being good or they would end up as a victim.

The only problem it isn't a legend, it's very much real. These students were born psychopaths and only the craziest survives.

How will this nameless nobody of a victim survive. Well she'll just have to remember who she is.

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