Chapter One

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Amaterasu's POV

It's been 9 years since I left my village. I heard about the war with Madara Uchiha. Word travels fast. It's November making it a month after the war.

I walked into town with my adopted 6 year old daughter Kohaku. She held onto my knee length black coat as we walked down the street looking for food.

I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Amaterasu Uchiha, Ama for short. Like the rest of my clan I have waist long black hair and onyx eyes with specks of blue. I have a light tan with a tribal tattoo on my right shoulder and I smoke (trying to stop) a few times a day which I always get a scolding from Kohaku later on. As for my daughter she has shoulder length strawberry blond hair with brown eyes. She really cares about me, she's smart for her age and she wants to learn the ways of a shinobi which I have been teaching her the basics about chakra. She's my little angel.

I brought what I needed. I walked out the store with two bags of food her dinner tonight and two extra blankets from Kohaku and I.

It just had to be freezing cold in the woods. Good thing I have fire wood ready at the cabin. I thought.

"Mommy!" I turned to see Kohaku run down the street. Once she got to me she got under my coat as she hugged my leg.

"Haku? What's wrong? Are those boys picking on you again?" She shook her head, I frowned.

"Then why are you running?" That's when I felt it. I know that chakra from anywhere.

"Ama, it's been along time." I sighed looking up to see four people standing in front of me. Three of them I thought I would never see again while the other I thought was dead long ago.

"Itachi, Sasuke, Shisui and lord Tobirama... Who scared my daughter?" I asked placing my right hand on my hip. Itachi and Sasuke pointed at Shisui who smiled like a lunatic, which he might be.

"Your still an idiot, Shisui. Kohaku, the crazy man won't mess with you." She got out from under my coat but hide behind me.

"I heard you went rogue for a few years Sasuke. You even killed Itachi." I starred at my little cousin who looked shameful. I sighed walking down the road as Kohaku held onto my coat.

"Amaterasu! Hold on a second!" I stopped looking over my shoulder.

"We need to talk about a few things. Do you know a place where no one will interrupt us?" I nodded.

"Follow me." I said as I continued walking down the road. We walked out of town into the woods, not even ten minutes of walking Shisui started whining.

"Ama~! Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"How about now?"

"Shisui, be quiet or so help me you can kiss your shinobi ways goodbye."

"I forgot how scary you can get. It got worse now that your older."

I bite down on my tongue to keep from snapping at him knowing Kohaku was still here with me. He's so lucky she's here. I thought. About 15 minutes later we got to the cabin, unlocking the door I let Kohaku in first as she ran into our room shutting the door making me sigh. Walking into the kitchen I started on dinner.


"What do you want now Shisui? It better be worth asking because I'm making dinner."

"It is, really."

"Then what is it?"

"Who's the bastard who took your innocence?"

That's it! I snapped in my head as I hit him over his head with a frying pan.

"Idiot! She's my adopted daughter! I still have my innocence, damn it!"

"Ow! That hurts, Ama! H-hey- ow! Stop kicking me!" I rolled my eyes going back to cooking.

"Why are you all the way out here? A mission?"

"We're here for you, Ama." I looked at Itachi.

"Me? What do you need from me other then a beating?" The corners of his lips twitched upwards finding it amusing. I shook my head.

"We want you to come back to Konoha." Sasuke said.


"Amaterasu, the Uchiha clan is alive and well even Madara is living in peace inside the village."

"Madara? And how long will that last, Itachi? I haven't been in the village for 9 years but word travels fast around here. What makes you think he would just lay back and live in peace there?"

"He understands what he did was wrong and his living with it. He already said he would live in peace and has been keeping that promise for a month now." I faced him crossing my arms over my chest.

"And what makes you think I would get up and leave just to go back to the village?"

"Because aunt Mikoto misses you. Even uncle Fugaku misses you." I couldn't help but laugh at that.

"I can understand aunt Mikoto but uncle Fugaku? That's funny." I said facing the counter.

"Make yourselves useful and put firewood in the fireplace please."

"You hear that, Itachi? She said please."

"Just do it, I'm feeding you all as it is." I said. After I finished the food I set up the table placing the food down.

"Dinners done!"

"It's about time!" Shisui yelled walking into the dinning room, I hit him upside his head.

"Don't complain, Shisui. You better save some for Kohaku and I."

"Don't worry I will!" I walked into mine and Kohaku's room to see her laying down on the bed. Sitting on the edge I ran my fingers through her hair making her sigh.

"Haku, wake up. Dinner is ready." I said with a smile as I pocked her cheek. Not even a second later she sat up with a yawn.

"Come and eat, honey. I know your hungry."

"Okay mommy."

She got out of bed. We walked out the room I see Sasuke and Tobirama seating in the living room, Itachi eating the dongos I was saving for later on while Shisui was eating like a pig. I served Kohaku some of the food I made before serving myself.  Itachi told me what has been going on in the village. The previous Hokages are alive which explains the white haired Senju seating in my living room. Even the fourth's wife Kushina Uzumaki was alive.

"Sounds like a lot has happened." I said as I washed the dishes.

"A lot has been going on. Mother wants you to come back home. She said something about seeing her daughter again and dressing her up and helping her find a husband." Sasuke said scrunching his nose up a bit at the last part. I shook my head a smile.

"I'm only 19 years old and she wants me to find a husband? Last time she tried that it didn't end to good."

"Hn, will you come with us back to the village?"

"Well, I don't see why not. I also have to tell your mother I'm not getting married to anyone." He smirked. I placed the last of the dishes in the tray, drying off my hands I pocked his forehead like how Itachi does it.

"Your welcome to stay the night. I suggest to keep putting firewood, it gets cold out here in the woods." He nodded as I walked into my room changing clothes getting into bed next to Kohaku.

Looks like we going to Konohagakure.


Hope you like it.

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