Chapter Two

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The Next Day

I had just finished getting Kohaku dressed for today, I already packed our clothes a little earlier when I heard the guys getting up. Today is the day I go home. I thought as I put on my coat before walking out the room carrying two bags in my left hand as I carried a sleeping Kohaku in my right arm with her arms and legs wrap around me.

"If we leave now we can make it the village by mid evening."

"Alright, we can head out now." I said giving my packs to Shisui as I made sure Kohaku was bundled up before walking out the door, once stepping out the door the cold air hit is at full force.

"It's colder then yesterday." Shisui said looking up at the dark clouds. Looking up at the sky and frowned.

"We need to leave now. A storm is coming this way, we can probably beat it if we just run non stop."

"What about Kohaku?"

"I'll deal with her when the times comes, now come on." I leaped up into the nearest tree branch looking down at the guys.

"Are you coming or what?" I smiled as Sasuke landed next to me with a smirk. I looked at the guys who were still on the ground.

"Come on you three. Hurry up unless you want to get stuck in the rain. Sasuke." He nodded.

We continued jumping through the trees with the others close behind us. After a few hours we finally made it to the village even Kohaku woke up two hours after we left. We landed in front of the gates. I put Kohaku on the ground grabbing her hand walking through the gate.

"Ama!" I looked ahead of me to see my aunt Mikoto along with uncle Fugaku. Kohaku hide behind me as they walked over to us.

"Look at my little niece, your all grown up now." Aunt Mikoto said with a smile before hugging me. I hugged her back but I looked over her shoulder to see uncle Fugaku with a frown on his lips. He hasn't changed one bit has he? I thought.

"And who is this little one here?"

Aunt Mikoto asked looking Kohaku.

"Aunt Mikoto this is Kohaku. My daughter."

"Really? Isn't she a cutie. Hello there." Mikoto smiled at Kohaku who came out from behind me. I placed my hand on her head.

"Haku, with is my aunt Mikoto."

"H-hello..." Kohaku said hiding half of her face against my coat.

"Thank you four for finding her now lets head on home. I already made dinner and while we're at it we need to talk about you getting married, Ama!"

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