Chapter 44

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"He's a good man but he takes too long to look for you. I prefer Talon rather than him to be honest, dear." My father chuckles next to me.

"Father," I said before closing my eyes.

"Yes, dear?" He asked beside me.

"Why? Why have you been doing this? Why can't you just leave us alone?" I asked him trying to calm myself down.

"I have to know." He simply answers.

"You have to know? Know what exactly? Know who he is? Know how much suffering you are bringing me and the people around me? The people in those villages? How can you do this and yet still chuckle over whether or not I like Duke or not." I snap looking at him in the eye.

"Dear, I needed to know if he would be good for you. Why would I want my daughter to be with a man that can't protect her? What father would want that?" He asked me.

"But you didn't have to test him like that?" I argued, but my father just laughed.

"I had to. I had to use Talon to see whether or not he would fight for you or let you be taken by somebody who seems to love you more. I had to kidnap his sister to see if he would make a family person and that one I'm still indecisive whether or not he is one. I also had to use Fay to see if he would cheat on you when you were gone. All these things were just to test him." My father explained to me.

"But why?" I asked wanting the real reason.

"My dear, one day I will die and I want to make sure you are safe and well. Ever since your mother gave me this powers, it's hard for me to control them like you do. Soon my body and mind will act like a man and when man are given power, you fully know what happens to them and the people around them. One day either you or Duke will have to kill me before I do more bad than good. At the moment, it's very mild but soon my control will be gone but before then I want you to be safe." He said causing me to cry a bit.

"But that doesn't mean that you can't learn how to control your powers. I did and maybe you will too." I said.

"It's too late my dear. It's too late for me anyway. Sometimes you have to learn when to let go of things when there's no point in saving it anymore. I'm a lot of causes, please don't try to save me. I'm not like you or your mother, I am human. It won't work. There is no point in going through the pain when it is not needed." He said.

"But, father. There's still time, there is a way to stop this. Charlie and I can help you." I said, but my father shakes his head.

"Listen, dear, when Duke comes to find you. I will die on that day. I rather die by the hands of a stranger than my own family to be tainted by my bad blood. I believe he would take care of you and love you for the entire rest of your life. I want you to listen to Charlie sometimes, he's your big brother after all and he worries a lot about you. Sometimes a bit too much but he means well." My father said standing up from my bed.

"But father-"

"No, Winter Valentine. Stop it already. I wish to join your mother in peace and for her pure powers not to be used by man's desire. She wanted to pass down her powers to you so that no other shall take it, but she was scared that if you had too much power. You too would become tainted by evil. I have always been the black sheep of the family and I rather it stay that way." Father said.

"Already, father. I will listen to you just this once because I know mother would want me too at this moment of time. She would scold me if I ever did something bad." I said remembering the times my mother scolded me.

My father laughing in front of me before hugging me.

"She was sure a violent woman, but she love you and your brother very much. I'm pretty sure whenever you scold Charlie, he could imagine your mother scolding him. After all you and her look almost like twins." He said.

"You always say that." I smiled at him.

"Only because it's true, my baby girl." He said kissing my forehead.

He walked towards the door and opens it. Light leaks into the room making it hard to see him. He turns back to look at me.

"I have done many things that are wrong in this world and I shall repay those sins with my death. My only request is that you let me die. You have grown up to be such a beautiful women, inside and outside. I only wish you mother was here to see you. The only wish I have left is to see you happy and I may never get to see my grandchildren ever, but I just want you know that I love you very much." He said before leaving me.

The door closed in silence.

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