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Sneek... Peek...

Pauline June's POV

"Baby girl", I heard him call and turned around. I walked to where he sat and folded my hands near my chest angrily.

"Don't! Don't call me that. I am not a baby girl anymore", I said through my gritted teeth, while pointing my finger towards him. He looked at my finger and then at me. He raised an eyebrow. Then suddenly, he took my hand that I am pointing at and pulled me down to him. I fell on his lap, sideways.

"Oh yes, you are not a baby girl anymore baby. I have observed that you have grown into a sexy woman", he said while putting a hand on my thigh and rubbing my thigh. I gulped as I feel my inner sensations built. I tried to pull away.

"Leave me you Beast!", I said while pushing him. It's like I am trying to move a big building. He is not even moving an inch. He is looking at me like he is bored by my attempt and his look says that, by now I should understand that it's waste of trying.

"Never, my Wild cat", he whispered against my near and then nuzzeled his face in my neck. Oh that feels so good! I missed this! I got my senses back and pushed his head away.

"Leave me Nick!", I ordered with an angry face.

"Aww... Did I ever tell you that you look hot and cute at the same time when you are angry? Oh and no I will never leave you. You are mine my Wild Cat", he said while pulling me to him by my waist, more possessively. I am fuming with anger, though inside, I feel a little happy at his words and possessiveness.

"Urggh!", I groaned. I feel his lips on my neck and a shiver went down my spine as his lips made contact with my skin. I bit my lip simultaneously to stop the moan as he nibbled on my neck.

"You. Are. Mine Wild Cat", he said in a dangerously low voice and deep down I know that this time I can't escape from him, like I did in the past.

"Beast", I muttered under my breathe.


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