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"What happened to her?"

"She hit her head during a run-in with Klaus."

"She's been out for eight hours because she hit her head? On what? Concrete?"

"A table. Don't make fun, she can burn your hands off. Either way, our run in with Klaus was a little... Intense."

I wish my eyes were open to roll my eyes. There was nothing intense about our encounter with Klaus, it was just embarrassing on both sides. I must have lost consciousness after getting pushed away from him because I don't remember much after that. These was a lot of pain... not physical, but emotional as he couldn't believe that I was real.

I guess I can't blame him. Klaus has spent years upon years trying to move on from our affair. By the looks of it, it seems like our time apart was more harmful than it was anything else, but I knew that. I should stop acting so surprised when all I've heard of him over the centuries is how monstrous and unforgiving he is to anyone who defies him.

"Damon, if you're going to tell them what happened, just do it." I groan, my throat extremely dry as I haven't used it in a while. "No reason to beat around the bush."

I reach up to rub my tired eyes before opening them to the scene before me. Damon sits at the end of the couch I'm on, holding my blanket covered feet in his lap. He watches me skeptically, as does Elena who is a few feet away in the kitchen. She leans on the island, quickly glancing between Damon and me. She seems to have different reasons to be concerned about me.

A new face turns to meet my eyes just as I notice him. He's a slightly older man compared to his company, but his age is hardly noticeable with his gorgeous hazel eyes and a friendly aura around him. My magic picks up on his human status instantly, but I can tell that he is much more than meets the eye.

The silence at my presence is deafening, so I try to break it with a joke, "Unless you're waiting to get your hands burnt off."

Damon rolls his eyes. The new man takes a glass off of the counter, fills it with water from the sink and walks it over to me. I raise my arm and try to sit up to accept the nice gesture, but Damon immediately pushes me back down as gently as he can. I groan as he takes the water himself and carefully tries to pass it to me.

"At least help me sit up if you're going to force me to stay here." I retort at his protective actions and laugh when he hesitates to do so.

Damon has always looked at me like I'm just a human, which means breakable. It's not exactly something I enjoy, but I've grown tired of trying to prove to him that my magic can do a whole lot more to protect me than he will ever be able to.

Elena's eyes glare into us now. I would clarify that Damon is an older brother in my eyes, but I somewhat enjoy her agonizing over the other Salvatore for a change, though she would never admit it.

"Alaric says you'll need to take it easy for a good day," Damon says, his face serious.

The man now named Alaric nods his head. confirming that he's the one who made the diagnosis. I watch as he takes a few steps backwards to stand protectively in front of Elena. She doesn't seem to notice.

"My magic says otherwise" I reply as said magic flutters happily within me, "Really, Damon, it was just a hit on the head. No harm done now."

"I saw the force the dickhead used when he threw you. And your face when he didn't recognize you."

The room falls silent instantaneously. I let out a sigh and force myself to look at Damon's careful expression. He's worried that I won't be able to handle Klaus's rejection. It's not like I haven't been planning our reunion for centuries, I just never thought he wouldn't at least consider the possibility.

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