chapter eleven

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chapter eleven

YOU WOULD THINK THAT THE WEEKEND is a time to get out, have fun and to loosen up. However, it hasn't even been a full week into my grounding and I was forced to stay home all day and finish my homework.

     Who does all of their homework on Saturday morning? I always save it for Sunday night. Sometimes even Monday morning. But never, ever Saturday.

     "Goodnight, honey." My mom smiled as she held onto the doorknob. "Love you."

     "Night mom." I smiled. She turned the lights off and closed the door, leaving me alone in the dark.

     I was supposed to be at Olivia's party an hour ago, but my parents are night owls. There's no way I can sneak out when they're awake. However, today they wanted to go to bed at nine-thirty, so I gladly changed into my pajamas and got in bed around the same time as them.

     Twenty minutes later, when I knew they were asleep, I climbed out of bed and changed into an outfit I had planned a few hours earlier.

     I slipped on a knit white crop top with high waisted denim shorts that stopped just above my mid thigh. I tip toed into my bathroom and put half of my hair up into a top knot and left the rest of it down. I didn't have time to curl or straighten it, so I just let it be. I did my makeup in a nano-second and took a quick glance in the mirror.

     Given a short amount of time to get ready, I actually looked and felt pretty good (for once).

     Five minutes later (after placing pillows under my blanket to make some sort of human-shaped object), I opened up the window in my room. I tossed my shoes outside and then climbed out, rather clumsily, as I quietly shut the window behind me.

     143 Rosebud Drive.

     I knew that street was a couple blocks away, so I began to walk towards it. I didn't even have to look at the numbers on the houses because the house at the end of the street had its lights on and music blaring. I saw faint images of people out front dancing like goons, so I knew that must be Olivia's house.

     Once I got inside, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I mean, this was crazier than the party with Julia. Does Olivia really know all these people?

     People were on tables, laying on the floor, puking on the stairs, grinding... and it was only ten o'clock.

     Well, I guess I was a little late.

     "Ashley, oh, my God!" Someone exclaimed. I looked over to see Olivia and I immediately smiled. "You look bomb!"

     "Thanks." I smiled. "Happy birthday!" I said and gave her a hug. It was a little awkward, only because we've talked one time, but she seemed too drunk to care.

     "Aw, thank you." She grinned as we pulled away. "Did you come alone?" Her eyebrows raised and her drink spilled a little as she flew her hand around.

     "No, well, sort of." I laughed. "May wanted me to come with her but I'm grounded so..."

     "Oh, I get it." She wiggled her eyebrows and chuckled.

     "Olivia, you've gotta come see this!" Someone yelled. She turned around and nodded her head before looking back at me and grabbing my hands.

     "Last time I saw May, she was in the basement." She said. "The door is next to the kitchen."

     "Okay, thanks." I nodded my head.

     "Have fun!" She patted my hand and danced away. I just shook my head and chuckled before walking around the house to find the kitchen.

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