Chapter 22

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Amanda's POV~

It's been two months since the misunderstanding with Neal happened and everything has gotten back to normal. Well, as normal as it could be. Zuri, Neal, and I had been working on our project whenever we could, which was every three days or so. We wanted to finish it early so we wouldn't have to worry about it while we cram for our exams.

Since then, I'd also gone home for the holidays. Thanksgiving was a blast with my family. I got to hang out with my big sister, who I haven't seen for awhile since she's always away. I also got to hang out with Izzy. I remember jumping and hugging the life out of her when I first saw her. She of course hugged me back just as hard.

We then spend the last two remaining days together, just hanging out. I finally told her about Neal and our past together. She, of course was shock at first, maybe even a bit mad. But that was understandable. I hid my past from her. I knew everything about her, and yet she didn't know my past.

I'm such a good friend, aren't I?

Note the sarcasm.

And you know what made it worst? She never even said she was mad, she was more focused on Neal's twin brother; Nick. Boy, did she want to kill him. I'd never seen her so mad before. It was then, that I truly realized how lucky I was to have a best friend like Izzy, who would forgive me so easily.

After that I had to calm her down before she got her dad to hire some detectives to find Nick, so she could 'hurt' him. I, for one, so don't need him back in my life right now. If he was like that when he was younger, who knows how he is now. He could be a criminal for all I know!

Overall it was a nice little vacation away from school work, and just college in general. Don't get me wrong. College's great, but when you're away for a long period of time, you start to miss your family and your other friends back at home. As shock as I was, I even missed Gabe and Rachel! Surprisingly, they're still a couple. Rachel and I had our differences in the past, but I guess ever since she started dating Thomas and Jason's friend, she's been nicer. Happier, I guess.

When it came time for the goodbyes, I gave my parents and my sister all hugs and kisses and promised them I'll call more often. I gave Izzy a hug goodbye, and made her promise me not to find Nick. She agreed, and was on her way back to college with Thomas.


As I arrived back on campus, I saw Danny getting out of his black convertible. I shouted at him, but he ignore me and kept on walking.

Maybe he didn't hear me?

I tried calling his name again, but this time a little bit louder. I waited three seconds, and still nothing. He kept on walking, not even looking back once.


“Miss.” It was then that I realized I haven't payed yet, and was still standing next to the taxi driver with my bag on the ground.

I grimaced, giving him an apologetic look. “Sorry. Here's the money I owe you,” I said, grabbing a few twenty dollars bills from my back pocket.

He took it, whispering, “It's fine.”

When he was about to reach for some change, I held my hand out, stopping him. “Keep the change.”

He hesitated. “Are you sure?” he asked, peaking up under his cap. “You gave me a lot more than necessary . . .”

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