Chapter 4

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Their mother, had known about her for Seven years? Casey thought they didn't like her. Unsure what to do, she just smiled back.

"I can see why my little Michael's so in love with you." The woman was scrutinizing her and she could feel her face turn all shades of red. What did you say to that? "You're a shy little thing. I wasn't expecting that."

"I'm going to kill Mike for this." Cassandra thought as she turned to glare at Mike. The sound of laughter followed by the arms that wrapped around her waist snapped her out of her murderous thoughts.

The woman was hugging her. Mikes' mom was hugging her. "Don't be mad at him. I didn't mean to embarrass you." She let go and held her hand as she led them to their dining room.

Casey didn't know what to expect. They were a pretty wealthy family. They had so much money she half expected to see a museum of sorts. You know, a place that was overly done. A place where you had to be careful not to touch anything. Yet this house felt warm and inviting. There were still several nice things in it, but it didn't make her feel out of place.

Mrs. Codey sat to her right and Mike sat to her left. Luis and Leo were seated across from her. "Hey mom, where's dad," Leo asked his mother.

She smiled at them. "He was called into the Chicago Office. There was a problem with one of the orders."

"Why didn't dad tell me? I'm the one handling the cattle portion now." Mike demanded, Casey thought he looked annoyed.

"Are you kidding, he knew your girlfriend was coming to dinner. This is a special occasion. Even if he wasn't able to be here. He still wanted us to make sure Cassandra felt welcomed into the family."

"I guess it's ok then. I'll just touch base with him later." Mike said as he reached out for her hand and laced their fingers together. Cassandra looked up and smiled at him.

"I hope you like what we're having for dinner. Tonight we're having breaded steak smothered in country gravy, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, rolls and a peach cobbler with ice cream for dessert." Mrs. Codey said while squeezing her other hand.

Her stomach picked that moment to growl. It was so embarrassing. Everyone just laughed. "I'll take that as a yes." Mrs. Codey, let go of her hand and went to the kitchen. Then she came back out with another woman who was maybe in her late 60's. "Dolores, I would love for you to meet Cassandra." The woman's eyes went wide, it was as if she recognized her or something. Then she turned to look at Mrs. Codey who in turn nodded her head as if she was saying yes to something.

Then Dolores turned back to her and engulfed her in a hug. "It's so nice to finally meet you and to have you in this house." When she finally let go. All Cassandra could think, was that this family was really a touchy- feely bunch. "I see I'm going to have to work hard to put some meat on those bones." She said looking at Mrs. Codey. "The girl is too skinny." She was so not skinny.

They started eating and getting to know each other. Then Mrs. Codey asked. "So how is your mother dear?" Cassandra looked at Mike trying to judge just how much she might know about her home life.

"She's doing well. Thank you for asking." It was an awkward topic and she was still unsure how much Mike had told his parents. 

"Well, I see you're still using the clubhouse." She had just taken a sip of water and started coughing. The question had sent the water down the wrong pipe.

"Are you ok?" Mrs. Codey asked as she lightly patted her back. All Cassandra wanted at the moment was to get some air into her lungs. Mike was such a dead man. He better enjoys his last meal.

"I'm sorry, but I worry about you. I remember the first time I saw the boys sneaking out at night. Mr. Codey and I followed them to see what they were up to. To our surprise, they went to your house. This went on for quite a while until we finally asked them what was going on. Once they told us, we had the Clubhouse fixed so you would always have a safe place to stay. This way, I could keep my boys still on our property. They're so protective of you. I knew I could never ask them to stop sneaking out to see you."

Well, what the hell do you say to that? "Just know that this is your home too. If you like, we can fix you a room here so you don't have to be in the clubhouse anymore."

Cassandra smiled at her. "Thank you, Mrs. Codey." She didn't know what the hell else to say.

After dinner, Mrs. Codey asked the guys to show her around the house. When they reached Mikes room, he told his brothers to scram. "Now I have you all to myself." He said as he scooped her up and fell backward onto his bed. She squealed as he landed on top of her. She tried to squirm away but he had her pinned to the mattress.

She laughed and squirmed until she looked up and saw his heated gaze. "Oh," was all that came out of her mouth before his mouth crashed down on hers. Things got heated pretty fast. She was panting and feeling drunk from his kisses. It shocked her to feel his hand on her bare ribcage. When had he pulled her blouse up?

His hands caressed her skin and sent tingles everywhere. So many sparks were going off wherever Mike touched. He trailed kisses down her jaw and neck, all while nipping at the overly sensitive skin. All was then soothed by his moist tongue.

With everything going on, she moaned. "I love when you make that sound." His lips returned to her mouth as his hands moved to span her back. Cassandra moaned once more as he deepened the kiss.

Her fumbling fingers fought with the buttons of his shirt. She was dying to feel the warmth of his skin under her fingertips. When the offensive shirt was finally off, her heart pounded as her brain screamed. "Good lord, this man has a body to die for." She took the opportunity to flip him onto his back. He was far too preoccupied to pay attention to anything else at the moment.

Mike looked up at her with a startled gaze. Cassandra smiled down at him, "my turn." She leaned in to smell his skin. "Heavenly, you smell heavenly." She peppered light kisses all over his chest.

It was now his turn to moan as she followed the same path of kisses and biting on him that he had done to her. "You're killing me Casey, but what a way to go." The next thing she knew. He had flipped her onto her back and was now straddling her waist. "This is a give and take relationship. Now, it's my turn to take." Mike shot her a sexy as sin smile that had her melting into a puddle. Cassandra could do nothing but look at his chest and all those rippling muscles. He had a killer six pack and not from exercising but from an honest day of hard work. Her heart swelled with love.

"God Casey. When you look at me like that. It makes my blood boil. Especially when you lick your bottom lip. It's like your tasting me with your mind." With those words, he bent down and proceeded to ravish her mouth with his yet again. Then his hands wandered down her body.

He finally allowed her to take a breath. "Casey, you're so beautiful and I love you so much. Your skin is as soft as silk. I just want to touch you everywhere and taste you everywhere."

His hands kept inching up to her chest. It was pure agony to feel the hands caress her skin as he whispered in her ear. At this point, Cassandra was panting hard and her mind was swimming. When she felt his hands finally reach her lace covered breasts, he covered her moan with another scorching kiss. Her body arched so she could fill his palms with her mounds.

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