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Above is Rebecca on her wedding day.

Today is the day. I fidgeted nervously as the maids bustled around me, doing my hair and make up. We had sent invitations to royalty amongst all our allies, and a lot of citizens in Laban with a high position.

I felt nervous bubbles float in my stomach as I fidgeted in my seat. One of the maids nervously asked me to stop. After awhile, I was finished. I looked in the mirror to see someone who looked completely beautiful.

She looked like a queen. That girl was me. I slipped into my beautiful gold and ivory wedding dress, and put on my waist length veil. I felt like a goddess holding my bouquet of white roses, lilies and babies breath. I felt pure.

And that's what the wedding represented, purity. I'm changing into the person this country needs. I was guided towards the entrance to the chapel, which is beautiful and had a huge stain glass window with a mural of a white dove holding a green olive branch in its beak.

I sucked in a breath as my father came to stand beside me.

"You ready, dear?" He asked soothingly.

I nodded stiffly, taking his arm.

"You can back out of this if you wish," he stated quietly.

I turned to look at him sharply. He looked at me intently, with his blue eyes, much like mine, with crows feet in the corners.

"I can do this," I finally said.
"I want to step up and make a difference. I want to help these people."

My father smiled, proud.

"That's my girl," he said, kissing my forehead.

"You'll be a great queen."

And that sealed my fate. I turned toward the massive oak door and took a deep breath. I forgot who I was. All my selfish wants. All my shyness and passiveness. I represented a country.

The doors swung open, revealing hundreds of people sitting in pews, a long red carpet decorated with white rose petals, and at the marble altar, there stood my fiancé, Maddox.

He looked stunned as I made my way slowly down the aisle, following the beat of the organ music. It seemed like that altar stretched out for miles!

Finally, I made it gracefully to the love of my life, King or not. My father gave him my hand which was tucked under his arm.

"Take care of her," was all he said before walking away.

I smiled brightly at my gorgeous husband in his black tux and white tux with a white Lilly tucked into the beat pocket. He gulped, looking me over.

Then gave me the most breath taking smile in all humanity.

"You're extraordinary," he whispered.

I blushed as I stepped up to stand in front of him.

"You too."

"We gathered here today to witness the Union of these two people..." The pastor started.

The ceremony went on till we got to our vows. I took in a soothing breath. I got this. I practiced this so many times it should be engraved in my soul. I listened as Maddox began.

"Rebecca, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. I fell in love with the intelligence and love in your eyes. The selflessness you feel, but most of all, the fact that you didn't treat me like just some Prince. You were yourself. And you captured my heart. I will love you till the day I die," he promised.

"Maddox, you swept me of my feet. I wasn't sure at first, but I learned that you were caring, strong and loyal. You make me feel like I could soar to the clouds and touch the heavens. I know you'll do great things, not only that, but I know you'll always make me happy. I love you with all I am, and I will till my death."

"You may now kiss the bride," said the pastor.

And so we did; we were drawn together into the most passionate, sweet, loving kiss I've ever known. I smiled at my husband happily.

If only I had known it would all change....

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