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Chapter-2-"Are you scared Baby girl?"

Pauline June's POV

I woke up at five in the morning. Because of that bastard. Urrgh... I quickly got ready and came out. I sat in my seat and drove to the office. I hit the steering wheel in angry.

I kept running away from him and now he found me! What more does he want from me?! I gave him my everything! Is he still not satisfied?! What else is there to break in me? He already broke my heart! Now he is making me work for him and be with him every day, every minute. Urrgh...

Tears brimmed in the corner of my eyes as the memories came back in my mind and I angrily wiped the tears away. I will not cry because of him! I am strong enough to face him now! I am not that naive, stupid girl anymore!

When I saw him in the club that day after ten years, something inside me pushed me to go to him, but I am rooted to my spot. I can't take my eyes away from him. He changed so much. His has a five O' clock shadow now. He is more built and had more muscles now. But the fire in his eyes is still the same or should I say a little more. He is more handsome like always.

I heard about his playerish ways. Though I ran away from him, I keep knowing about him on the internet. Every day he would be on a magazine with a new women on his arm. Doesn't he get tired? Now he made me loose my job near Mr. Knight and he is making me work for him. The nerve he had! He didn't even let other companies give me job! He left me no option!

I would have done some cheap or any other job, but I need more money and for that I need to do this job. My father is in the hospital. His lung disease is becoming dangerous day by day. For his operation, I need money. I should work here for that. My father is the only family that I have. My mother died when I was thirteen years old.

I came out of my thoughts as I came near the company and parked my car in the basement. I got inside and pressed the lift button. It's still dark outside. It's even cold. I rubbed my hands for some warmth. Soon the lift came and I got in. There is no one inside the lift and I pressed the button sixty to go to his floor. My heart is beating fastly. I am feeling so nervous. The lift stopped at his floor.

I got out and his office is the only one in his floor along with a reception. I gulped down the nervousness. Come on Pauline! You can do this! He is your boss now! Don't get distracted! Do what he says all the day and out of the company! Repeat the process every day. Don't give him extra attention. Don't show that his words are effecting you. Now go!

I breathed in air and knocked on the door with confidence. Everything's going to be okay.

"Come in", his sexy voice said and should I say in a seductive way. He knows that I am the one knocking and he is doing it intentionally! Ignore. Ignore. Cool Pauline. Keep it cool. I pushed the door open and went inside.

I looked up and found him there behind his table in his big leather chair. See his arrogance! He is sitting in the chair with his legs on the glass table in front of him. He is having a very arrogant look on his face. Everything of him became more. Even his arrogance. I tried to keep things professional.

"Good morning Baby girl", he greeted smiling at me. Wow, his smile, my inner self said. And you say I should not be effected by him, I mocked myself. I cleared my throat and looked at him confidently, maintaining my serious face.

"Good morning sir", I greeted him. He put his legs down and came near me.

"What no kiss while greeting? So bad Baby girl", he said while coming near me and was about to take me into his arms. I put my hands on his chest and tried to push him away.

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