Chapter Six

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Amaterasu's POV

"Lady Tsunade." Sakura said.

Noticing that we calmed down both Naruto and Sasuke let Sakura and I go. We looked at her as she starred down at us probably thinking this was a waste of time. I couldn't agree more since of the situation I'm in now with those twins here. I just want to punch them in their face!

"I'll ask again what's going on here."

"We're getting things started since you took your time, lady Tsunade." I said with my arms crossed. She looked at me. I motioned to Sakura then the twins with my eyes. She nodded.

"If you two girls want to start something with my student and a soon-to be-ninja then let's settle it with a spar. Right here, right now."

"But lady Tsuna-"

"That's fine with me." Sakura said cutting Moe off as my pink haird partner placed her hand on her hip.

"What about you Ama? This is your test in the first place." Tsunade asked with a smirk as if she knew my answer.

"It doesn't matter to me, lady Tsunade. They won't be considered as a warm-up for us." I said as both Sakura and I took out glove but mine were black fingerless gloves. We faced the twins.

"We're not even ninja, lady Tsunade!" Madoka yelled making me roll my eyes. She must have noticed because she's glaring at me.

"You got something to say, say it."

"It's funny. We all went to the academy together but you were genin and went on missions and you both quit after a month. That's pretty sad, don't you think Sakura?" I looked over to see her nod.

"Don't worry, we'll go easy on both of you. Won't we Ama?" Sakura asked me making me shrug.

"I rather beat them bloody." I said with a smirk making the twins glare at us. I looked over at Shisui who nodded jumping over us to stand with the others. I looked over my shoulder to see Naruto and Sasuke still there.

"I suggest you both get up there until this is over." They didn't move.

"You guys can go, let us handle this. We probably won't even brake a sweat." Sakura said as she got ready.

"I like you, Saku. Sasuke you better keep Sakura around." I said with smile before facing the twins. I took out two kunai throwing them at the twins feet making them step back.

"Let's see if you remember at least the basics of being a ninja Madoka, Moe." I smirked as I tied my hair up in a bun.

"Although there is two way to leave this fight."

"And what would those options be?"

"The first one is just surrender to or the second; die fighting." They started trembling with fear.

"Aw, you both scared that your shaking. If I recall you both weren't scared when we were younger now were you? I suggest you find your courage when we fight." They just glared at me taking the kunais out from the ground as they got in a fighting stance. I looked over my shoulder looking at Tsunade.


Third POV

"Those twins will be out in a few minutes." Shisui said as he leans on the railing watching the fight.

"You like messing with Ama don't you Shisui. Once she's done with them she'll be coming after you next." Itachi said glance at the older Uchiha before watching the fight. It was like watching kids playing ninja. The twins kept attacking Sakura and Amaterasu as they kept dodging their petty attacks.

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