Chapter Seven

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Amaterasu Uchiha vs Naruto Uzumaki - winner Amaterasu Uchiha

Amaterasu Uchiha vs Sasuke Uchiha - winner Amaterasu Uchiha

Amaterasu Uchiha vs Kakashi Hatake - winner Amaterasu Uchiha

Amaterasu Uchiha vs Jiraiya - winner Amaterasu Uchiha

Amaterasu Uchiha vs Minato Namikaze - A Tie

Amaterasu Uchiha vs Hiruzen Sarutobi - winner Amaterasu Uchiha

Amaterasu Uchiha vs Itachi Uchiha - winner Itachi Uchiha

Amaterasu Uchiha vs Hashirama Senju - winner Amaterasu Uchiha by default

Amaterasu Uchiha vs Tobirama Senju - the winner Amaterasu Uchiha


"Will you stop moving around so much, Uzumaki boy."

"H-hey! What do you think y-your doing-mhm!" Amaterasu put some medical tape over Naruto's mouth before going back to checking on him on his injures only to find none.

"I guess your friend in there helped you." She said pocking his stomach before standing up going to check on the others.

"You should take it easy gramps. I know those bones of yours are probably screaming at you right now." She smiled as Sarutobi gave her a look before she started healing the minor scratches she inflected on him.

"Your lucky I took it easy on you. It didn't feel right fighting an old man." This earned her a wack on the head from said old man.

"Grumpy old man." She mumbled as she finished healing the last of his injuries.

"At least you've leaned medical ninjutsu, Ama."

"I had to learn it sooner or later especially with a child no less. I'm just glad Kohaku hardly gets hurt like like boys."

"Like your one to talk, Amaterasu. You always did get a thrill of getting into trouble when we were younger." Sasuke said leaning against the wall. His cousin rolled her eyes walking up to him placing a finger on his chest as she stared into his onyx eyes.

"If I remember correctly, I wasn't the one who tripped and fell spraining his ancle because someone wanted to try and copy Itachi now was I?" Sasuke looked away with a small blush but then snapped his head glaring down at her as she pinched his cheeks.

"Those were simple times back then. I was even taller than you and you at you. My little Sasu-cakes is all grown up." This made Sasuke blush even more when Sakura giggled at his old childhood nickname.

"Mommy! Let's go get ramen now!" Kohaku said as she started tugging on  Amaterasu's leg.

"Okay, okay! I'm coming."

"We'll send an ANBU to send for you once were done discussing about your rank, Ama."

"Okay! Bye! Haku, stop pulling your going make me trip." She and Kohaku left making the men sigh in relief.

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