what's hard is right (not edit)

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Lillys POV

Colt had left and anna was gathering the children and pregnant woman. in the midist of chaos i stood 20ft infront of me stood the flaming arrow.

Its blaze burned, flickering and dancing as the wind blowed. My eyes stared deep into the fire,thos flames hold demons that i could feel them reach for my ankles to pull me in.the feeling of losing somthing was in the pit of my stoumch again.

"Catch me if you can Lilly"

The flames whisperd,flickering at me daring for me to come closer. The demons mocked and laughed.

"Lilly!" a simple voice woke me up,i shot my eyes up from the flame to my best friend.


"The pack" her voice was low,yet scared.

My mind was awoken with her words, i was starting to think like i usually do. "Hanna we have to go" i told her just as a howl broke through.

Hannas eyes looked away from me and tried to find the source of the howl,then it hit me

That was colts howl

Hanna my best friend my sister,her whole life shes awaited for her mate to become the female alpha. Have a family, grow old with her mate.

Yet her mate already has a family is a alpha of his own pack that is now being attacked by out casts and our pack is being attacked as well.

"Lilly lots go we need to get back to our pack" she clearly said with power but inside i can tell she was broken.

If we left now to our pack it would be like leveing her mate the one she has waited her whole life in a battle field with 200 outcasts, and since they already touched once it just harden and deeped there bond.

"We should go now,he already made it clear he would stay here with his family" the word family broke her even more but with a tint of envey in her voice as well.

"If we go what about colt.." i asked her as much as i hated that ass hole she is my best friend and alphas mate i can't just let her bare the pain.

Hanna needs colt, a werewolf with out a mate usually become heartless and broken then they separat themselfs from there loves onces and become out casts.

"He lo-loves anna to much he wont let any thing or any one stop him,from keeping them safe"

That was it,she was accepting rejection. Even if she wasent even rejected she still accept it and knew it.

The wind started to ruffle hannas golden hair which i haven't noticed intell now,the crescent moon was just beyond the the iron gates were colt was fighting to protect his pack.

Hannas mouth twitched into a smile,a pain full smile

"Lots go home"

She quitely said with that same painful smile, that smile wasent Becuse she was happy it was becuse its to painful for her so she can only smile to herself.

I was speechless when they died hanna was scared,worried,frighten,sad but that dosent compare to whats before me now.

A shriveled up figure of hanna who smiled

And im back for now!

So anyways Tomarows my friends birthday and i was drawing her a picture of an animated character and when i finished i thought why not make another chapter to make my readers there days or nights.


Intell next time good night,good day or good evening

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