Chapter Eight

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The next morning

Amaterasu woke up thanks to Itachi flaring his chakra along with Shisui.

'Ugh! They need to stop that!'

"I'm up damn it!"

She groaned sitting up in her overly large bed. She sighed running a hand threw her hair before throwing the covers off of her heading straight to her bathroom. Once done she dried off, wrapping her towel around her before walking into her room. Amaterasu opened her closet getting out a loose dark grey shirt, her standered jônin pants and her shoes. She placed them on her bed before walking over to her dresser getting her undergarments. Just bra and black boy-cut underwear and a black undershirt.

Once done getting dressed she looked at her dresser to see it was 5:14am. She brushed her slightly damp hair putting it into a braid pulling it over she shoulder before walking out her room, downstairs and into the kitchen to see Itachi and Shisui in there drinking coffee.

"You're both mean you know that." She said with a bored yet tired look. As she started making breakfast for them.

"Hey, you have to work with lord Tobirama. You have to be on time."

"He's probably going to make me work hard because of yesterday."

"Who knows?" Shisui shrugged taking a sip of his drink as his cousin continues to make food for them.

Not even minutes later Amaterasu was done making breakfast. She served herself and the boys a plate before eating. Once done she made a plate for Kohaku for when she woke up and placed it in the fridge.

"Make sure she eats when she wakes up."


"Don't worry just hurry on to work." She rolled her eyes as she got her black light-weight winter jacket before walking out the house onto the road as she walked towards the tower.


Once inside the building she had walked into the office to see Hashirama standing looking out the window.

"Lord Hashirama?" Said man blinked before turning around seeing the young woman taking off her jack and placing it on the coat rack.

"Ama-chan, your an early riser?" The Senju man asked. Ama shook her head rubbing her eyes.

"Not really. Itachi and Shisui kept flaring their chakra so I can wake up. It's annoying and troublesome when they do that." She said as she sat down on one of the two couches in the room.

"They did this before I assume."

"Ever since they found out I was a sensor type. They even notice how I'm aware of other peoples chakra that I don't know. I become tense, even when I'm asleep. It became second nature. Now, why are you up so early? I thought you would be sleeping in until noon?" She asked crossing her arms raising an eyebrow at the man. He chuckled at her as he held up his hand.

"I came to talk to you about my brother, Ama-chan. I'm surprised that he wasn't the first one to show up first."

"Lord Tobirama is going to hold the fight over me, isn't he?"

"Maybe. He'll just tell you that he went easy on you. Also there might be sometimes he might get you to leave. He may not admit it but he needs to be around female company."

"I don't like where this is going." She grumbled as she narrowed her eyes at the older Senju.

"Hehe, all you have to do is watch over him while working together. He's always working, skipping meals without knowing. That's why I want you, Ama-chan to watch over him. He wants to work as Hokage for the month starting today. He tends to stay over night at times."

"Ah, I see. So I have to play nanny." She said.

"More or less." Hashirama shrugged but earned a glare from the woman. He smiled nervously.

"Does he know?"

"He'll find out later on that's for sure."

"Alright, I'll make sure he's taken care of. I'll get him lunch but you," Amaterasu pointed at the dark haired Senju.

"You, lord Hashirama have to make sure he eats breakfast which means you have to go." She pointed towards the door. Hashirama went into depression as he sat on the ground hugging his legs.

"You don't want me to stay, Ama-chan?!" Ama sweat dropped at the situation she put herself in but sighed non the less.

"Since your the older brother you have to make sure he at least eats before coming to work. I'll take on everything after that." That seemed to have gotten him out of his state as he stood up with a huge smile.

"Alright! I'll make him breakfast for when he wakes up! Bye, Ama-chan! I'll check on you later on!" With that said Hashirama walked out the room leaving the woman to herself.

'Such a strange yet interesting man.'

Amaterasu smiled to herself before getting this ready seeing as it's already 6am.


It didn't take long for Tobirama to arrive at the tower. His brother made him breakfast which didn't come just right. It was burnt to a crisp. It wasn't even eatable yet Hashirama wanted him to eat before he left. So he had no choice but to make himself a quick breakfast before leaving. He sighed.

'Why would he even cook in the first place? He knows he can't cook.' Tobirama thought with another sigh escaping his lips.

He finally made it to the office as he was about to turn the knob he felt a chakra source inside the room. He opened the door seeing Amaterasu with a few stacks of paper in her arms. She looked up seeing the white haired Senju.

"Lord Tobirama, your late." He frowned as he closed the door behind him.

"Why are you here?" He asked walking around around the desk only for Amaterasu to place the papers in front of him.

"Read through them and sign your name once you approve of them." She said before stepping away from him looking out the window.

"You haven't answered my question." He said as he read the first paper. Not bothering to look at her.

"My job. What else am I suppose to do?" Tobirama closed his eyes already wanting the Uchiha woman to leave.

"You better get over the fact that I'm an Uchiha and it better be fast. I'm not leaving your side anytime soon." This time he leans back into the chair looking at her. She looked at him as well.

"I don't like the fact that I'm part of the Uchiha clan so we have one thing in common, lord Tobirama." Amaterasu said as she looked out the window. Tobirama looked away from her before going back to work.

"You can leave."



"Senju." He knew she was mocking him that time.

"You need to leave."

"Or else what? Lord Hashirama already gave me the job and I'm staying until your month of being the Hokage is over." He cursed in his head at his brother for telling her that simple fact. He looked up as Amaterasu stood in front of the desk with a frown.

"Like I said before, get over the fact that I'm an Uchiha. I'm here to help you, I'm here to watch over you, and I am here to protect you, lord Tobirama. Whether you like it or not I'm staying here by your side." After that whole thing she walked over to the couch and laid down with her eyes closed. Tobirama went back to work with a smirk on his lips.

'That was certainly interesting.'

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