Chapter Nine

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It's been a whole week since Amaterasu and Tobirama have been working together and to say it interesting to see a young Uchiha woman working with the younger Senju Hokage. Amaterasu was just as stubborn as Tobirama but she speaks her mind and with her fists but she stands her ground as to Tobirama who was quite yet he speaks it's with reason. They both balance each other out. Like Yin and Yang.

"What do you mean you don't remember where you put the file?!" Tobirama glared at Amaterasu who shrugged.

Then again it's amusing how they both act with each other. It's an interesting site.

"How should I know? I gave the file to you an hour ago, I should be the one yelling at you!" Amaterasu yelled glaring back at Tobirama who sat in the chair as Amaterasu stood in front of his desk with her hands on the wood as they both glared at each other. Hashirama and the other Hokages sweat dropped at the two in front of them.

"It's only been a week and their at each others throats." Minato mumbled to his fellow Hokages.

"Now, now, they just need to warm up to each other that's all." Hashirama said with a small laugh.

"It's been a week since they started, lord Hashirama." Sarutobi said with a sigh.

"What'd you say!? Do you wanna get your ass handed to you again, Senju!?

"Maybe they need sometime away from each other..."

"Oh, please. He's just mad and blaming me." Amaterasu said as she takes out a file from a stack of other files before placing it in front of Tobirama.

"Are you happy now?" She gave a teasing smile at the white haired Senju, who tsked turning his head away with a small blush. Amaterasu sat down on the couch with a proud smile.

"Ama, did you get your ANBU tattoo yet?"

"No, I wanted to go with Itachi but he won't be back until next week. I have to get it soon?"

"Today will be better."

"Can't I wait for Itachi to get back so I can get it?"

"The sooner the better, Ama." She sighed but nodded. The door opened showing Kakashi.

"Come with me, Ama. We'll head to ANBU headquarters now." Kakashi said giving Amaterasu an eye closed smile. Amaterasu stood up walking towards Kakashi but turned around facing Tobirama.

"Behave while I'm gone, lord Tobirama. Try not to get into trouble either." She smiled at him. She quickly held up her hand holding a kunai by the handle.

"Always so mean, lord Tobirama. I'll be back later on!" She snickered throwing the kunai at the desk before walking out the room with a nervous Kakashi.


"Why do you act like that?" Kakashi asked Amaterasu who stood next to him.

"Act like what?" Amaterasu asked looking around the ANBU headquarters.

"Messing with lord Tobirama like that. Why do it?"

"I guess I do it for entertainment. It gets a bit boring in the office but he gets so mad about every little thing I do yet I don't care. It's actually refreashing to me. At least it gets me to stay away from the Uchiha compound whenever aunt Mikoto asks for me to come over." She said with a smile as they both made it to a room with someone waiting sitting in the seat.

"Finally, your Amaterasu Uchiha? Go ahead and sit in the chair and I'll get started in a minute."

"Okay." She said sitting down taking off her shirt making both men blush as she sat on the chair in a black, backless, sleeveless undershirt. They both noticed the tattoo on her right shoulder and the long gash on her the same arm as it started from the elbow up to her shoulder as the tattoo covered the top of it.

"Your starring." She said giving them a bored look. The looked away with a blush. The man got everything ready and started on the tattoo on her left shoulder.

"Where did you get the tattoo, Ama?" Kakashi asked as he leans back against the wall watching the woman.

"Hm? I got it back at the village I was living at before coming here. The man was a traveler, him and his son were traveling around the five great nations."

"And the scar?"

"Weren't you there when I told Naruto? You were listening in on us after all." She said looking at him as he smiled rubbing the back of his neck. It didn't take long for the man to finish the tattoo.

"There. That's about it for me. Kakashi will take over now." Amaterasu gave him a confused look before following Kakashi out the door but not before bowing to the guy closing the door behind her.

'Intreseting girl...'


"You'll be getting your ANBU uniform now along with a katana." Kakashi said walked down the hall as Amaterasu followed behind him as she puts her shirt back on after healing her new tattoo.

"Will I be going on missions with Itachi and Shisui?" Kakashi hummed looking over his shoulder before looking forward.

"Maybe, who knows. Why keep asking and Itachi and Shisui?"

"Why wouldn't I? Their my family." She smiled at that but her left hand went her arm feeling the scar threw the fabric. She frowned as she tighten her hold on her arm.

"They're the only ones who took it upon them selfs to bring me back into the light. I was cold, distaint, I didn't trust anyone from the clan. The kids would pick on me before beating me and left me with scars on my body. The only good thing that came from those beatings was gaining my Sharingan." She ran her fingers threw her hair.

"It was Itachi and Shisui who taught me how to use the Sharingan. I look up to them just don't tell Shisui. He already has a huge ego as it is- shit." Kakashi turned around to see a smirking Shisui standing in the hallway in nothing but a towel as Amaterasu turned around.

"Shisui, put some damn clothes on!"

"Aw~! But Ama-chan! You look up to me! I need a hug!" He said holding his arms open making his cousin scoff.

"No way! I look up to Itachi more than you, idiot!" She yelled making other ANBU look out the room to see Shisui, Amaterasu and Kakashi as the the Uchiha cousins yell. Shisui pulled Amaterasu in a hug once she turned her back to him.

"S-shisui!? Put me down!"Ama yelled with a small blush on her cheeks as she struggled to get out of the hug.

"I just wanted a hugged Ama-chan!"

"Then hug yourself!" With that being said she rain send her right leg up hitting Shisui on his head, she quickly got out of his hold only to hide behind Kakashi who blinked surprised as Ama glared at her idiot cousin with her Sharingan.

"Shisui, already messing with the new recruit?" A voice said from behind him by then Amaterasu has deactivated her Sharingan as Shisui turned around only for the towel around his waist fell onto the floor. Amaterasu face was as red as a tomato as she hide her face into Kakashi back.

"What the hell!? She's my little cousin, you idiot!"


"I'm telling Itachi when he comes back!"

"No! Amaterasu!"

"What's going on here?"

'Oh shit! I'm dead for sure!'

"Itachi!" Ama yelled as she ran into Itachi's arms. He placed his arms around her to feel her shaking. He looked up to Kakashi who nodded over to Shisui who still didn't have his towel on.

"N-now Ita-chan, I-it's n-not what it l-looks like!" Itachi glared as his Sharingan activated.

"Sharingan." This made Shisui run for his life down the hall. Kakashi looked amused by all of this.

'At least it won't get boring around here now.'

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