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Primula is tormented by her family and pack members every day. From the day she was born they beat and tortured her for something she could not control. The only thing Primula has ever known was brutality. When she met her mate, he shattered her dreams by rejecting her. When the werewolf community, including Rogues and Hunters encountered a new evil, they decide to ban together to stop it. But no amount of strength and numbers could prepare them for something so primitive that it transcends life itself. In their darkest hour, they turned to Primula. The girl who they completely destroyed. The girl who somehow has a connection to this new evil and could give them all the answers they are looking for. But why should Primula help them? After all, she has Nothing to Gain.

This story is completely fictional and any mention of names, places, events and happenings that resembles real life is a coincidence. This story is COPYRIGHTED!

Disclaimer: All Pictures use throughout this story is NOT MINE. Credits goes to the amazing ARTISTS who created them.

E.S Posthumus - Arise is the Theme Song I chose for this story. Check it out.

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