Chapter Ten

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Amaterasu's POV

"A mission? It's kinda late notice isn't?" I questioned Tobirama as I looked at him sitting on his desk as he was leaning back in his chair, he looks up at me.

"I'm aware of that but it seems that rouges are being seen a lot more now then last month, so I'm sending you on this mission."

"A solo mission or is someone coming with me?"

"Kakashi Hatake will be going with you as it's your first mission."

"Your worried about me going alone, huh?" I smiled pocking fun at him. After working together for five weeks we finally settled down since I kicked his butt again. He scoffed crossing his arms with his stoic demeanor I knew all to well.

"It's to make sure you don't try anything that could cost the mission."

"That and your worried about me. Admit it, lord Tobirama. You'll miss me while I'm away. How long will it take, anyways?" I asked moving a stray hair from my face as I took the scroll from him as I crossed my left leg over my right reading the scroll.

"With you and Kakashi-san, hopefully it'll take a week or less."

"Want us to bring at least one or two back while we kill off the rest?" I asked closing the scroll as I looked at the white haird Senju in front of me.

"That would be the wisest choice to do and with your Sharingan you can knock them out quickly and return back safely."

"See! You are worried about me!" I laughed as his cheeks started getting a pink tint. I was actually happy that I was one of the two people (the other being Hashirama) who could get some kind of reaction out of the stoic man.

"You don't have to worry about me, lord Tobirama. I told you already I won't leave your side but seeing as I am for awhile I promise I won't be long. After all you can't run this place with me helping you out." I said hopping off the desk as I stood looking out the window.

"I better go and get ready for the mission tomorrow. I'll be back soon!" I yelled running out the office before grabbing my jacket. The whole time I was away I had gotten my kunai and katana sharpened ready along with my ANBU uniform and wolf mask. It took half an hour for that before I went back to the tower. I knocked once before opening the door.

"I'm back- uh, did I interrupt something?" I asked as I saw Tobirama standing up from his chair as Hashirama and Madara stood in front of the desk. I closed the door behind me before making my way standing in front of all three men with my hands on my hips. Tobirama sighed sitting back down in his chair, pinching the bridge of his nose, Hashirama just stood up straight with a smile, a nervous one as to Madara, well, he was stoic as ever.

"Well? What's wrong?"

"N-nothing! Really, Ama-chan!"

"Your lying. Spit it out or I'll make you." I said which caused the older Senju brother to hide behind Madara who in return looked somewhat amused by my threat.

"Ama." I heard Tobirama call me, I turned to see a frown. I tilted my head slightly to the side in confusion.

"It seems there's a change of plans on the mission."

"Like what?"

"There seems to be two people helping the rouges and they both have the Sharingan."

"That can't be right. All Uchiha's are here in the village, so, how can that be possible!"

"Your right about all Uchiha's are here but two are missing. Itachi tells me you knew them well." Madara said as I looked over at him.

"Only two are not in the village and I know them... So what your trying to say is that my parents are working along side these rouges?"

"There might be a chance, yes. Can you still go on this mission, Ama-chan?" Hashirama asked. I placed my hand over my right arm as I clenched my teeth. I turned around walking over to the door.

"My parents died two days after my birthday. I don't even remember what they look like, like I want to remember anything like that." I shrugged as I placed my hand on the door knob.

"I'll bring them back to the village and take them to the T&I building when we return. So don't worry about me on this mission. I'll see you when I get back." I opened the door raising my hand in the air before the door closed. I walked out the tower walking down the road heading back home.


It was finally time to leave. Sasuke will be watching over Kohaku as seeing both Itachi and Shisui are on a mission since three days ago and will be meeting Kakashi and I later on.

"Ready to head on out?" Kakashi said as we stood by the gates. I sighed with a nod as we placed our masks over our face.

"Did you really think we let you leave go without saying goodbye?" I turned around to see Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura along with old man third and the Hokages with aunt Mikoto, Madara and Kohaku.

"What? All this for me? I feel so loved." I smiled placing my mask off to the side on my face.

"We wanted to see both you and Kakashi-sensei off before you left." Sakura said.

"This is your first mission after all. Kakashi will be there to help if any anything happens." Minato said with a smile.


"Mommy, you forgot this at home." Kohaku said pulling out a red scarf making me blink a few times.

"I don't remember having one?"

"That's because my dearest little brother Tobirama got it for you, Ama-chan!" Hashirama said with a smile as Tobirama glared at him. I looked at Kohaku to confirm it, she nodded with a smile giving me the scarf. I bent down to her height getting the soft red material wrapping it around my neck.

"I want you to behave yourself while I'm gone, Kohaku. Sasuke will be watching over you."

"Okay mommy. I'll be good but no smoking. You'll make sure she doesn't right?" Naruto and a few others smiled or chuckled at Kakashi who was getting ordered around by a six year old child.

"Leave the poor man alone, Kohaku." I said. I turned facing Tobirama who was looking somewhere else. I puffed out my cheeks in annoyance at this. I walked over to him, pocking his armor cover chest. He looked down at me.

"And you, lord Tobirama." He raised and eyebrow in question.

"Stay out of trouble while I'm gone. After all you did need my help in the first place." At this he rolled his red eyes at me before turning around walking away, probably heading to the tower.

"Well, we better head out." I said placing my mask back over my face and making sure the scarf was wrapped around my neck tightly so it wouldn't fly off while running.

"Be safe Ama and come back so we can have dinner."

"I'm not marrying anybody aunt Mikoto." I flatly said.

"Why not!? I want to see kids running around!"

"I have a daughter already. How about you get Sasuke and Itachi to start a family." I could feel Sasuke's glare making me smile even though he couldn't see it he knew I was.

"We're going now." With that being said we disappeared from in front of them to appear in the forest. As we ran through the trees I traced the seal on the inside of the scarf that Tobirama had placed on it.

'Silly Senju. You don't have to worry about me.'

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