Chapter Eleven

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Itachi and Shisui had finally caught up with Kakashi and I while we were taking a break after running for two days straight. That was yesterday and right now we were in a town where those rouges were hiding out. We had changed into civilian clothing and suppressed our chakra to equal that to a reguarl civilian.

"So they all live in the outskirts of the towns wall." Shisui said.

"Yes, from what I gathered from the bar, the guy said there's a 70% more increase of rouges joining up then a month ago. They want to take down the kages and take over the villages." I said looking at the men in front of me as we were in our room. Yeah, had to share a room.

"They would give up their lives for something they know that can't happen. There has to be something else behind this whole thing." Kakashi said taking in every information that was laid out.

"Well, there's is something else." We looked at Itachi.

"Like what?"

"I also heard the same thing as Ama told us but I had used the Sharingan to gain some useful information. It seems instead of just two people with the Sharingan there is a third person who has it. Amaterasu."

"I see. So it really is them and they had another child."

"All three of them were in different places. Your mother in Iwagakure, your father in Kumogakure and your brother in Kirigakure. They had yet to make a band of rouges for Konoha but with this much people it would happen in a few weeks time. These three are coming here, to the village tomorrow as they are the leaders- to go over their plans again before they leave and make their move in six weeks.

"That won't happen. We'll take care of this tomorrow." I said taking in the plan that Itachi and Kakashi came up with.

'I'm the only one who can fix this.'


The next afternoon Kakashi and I were now in the outskirts of the town as rouges. All we need now it to wait for my parents and brother to show up before we strike. Since we couldn't use a transformation jutsu because of thier Sharingans go we- meaning Kakashi had to cover his white hair and trade in his mask for a bandana, while I used the scarf to cover the bottom half of my face while I had to pull my bangs back with two hair-clips held it in place.

"Ama, can you sense them coming?"

I heard Shisui in my earpiece. I closed my eyes sencing three chakra pressures coming our way. I opened my eyes slightly tilting my head as I looked at Kakashi who was on my left. He gave a suttle nod.

"They'll be here soon so get ready." I whispered back. We were walking around until Kakashi sepperated from me going to the far left while I went to the right. We won't give them a change on escaping from us.

"They're here. Keep an eye on them."

I sighed rubbing the back of my head.

"Hey!" I turned around to see my parents and little brother.

"I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new?" My mother asked.

"I am."

"That's good to hear. Your eyes, they're like mine." My hand went to my eyes.

'Well shit.'

"My grandmother said I got them from my father."

"I see. How old are you?"

"I'm 19."

"Any family members that are living?"


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