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Today, Luke met a boy. He assumed this boy was new because he has never seen him before. He was sitting at a lunch table all by himself. Luke hated seeing the boy alone.
"I'll be right back." He said to his two best friends Michael and Calum. They shot him confused looks as he got up and walked over to the boy. When Luke got to the table the boys eyes almost popped out of his head. Luke noticed they were a nice hazel color.
"Hi. I'm Luke. Could I sit here?"
The boy nodded his head rapidly. Luke sat down smiling. Then something strange happened...
The boys eyes flashed from hazel to gray, like an early morning fog.
"Woah." Luke mumbled.
The boy looked down.
"What's your name?" Luke asked.
The boy grabbed a small notepad out of his bag and flipped it open. He scribbled something and pushed it towards Luke.
"Ashton. That's a nice name."

-New story! I hope you enjoy it! I really loved writing this! I finished it yesterday because I always write them before I put them on here. I'm still working on Finding You and I will update it again on Thursday because I have a game Friday and a competition Saturday which is when I usually update. Also I will update chapter one of this story tomorrow! -Lynds

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