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When we got to my house Ashton's eyes flashed from yellow to gray.
"You okay?" I asked.
Ashton nodded.
I opened the door and called to my mum.
"Oh! Who is this?" She smiled.
"Ashton. He's mute."
Ashton blushed and his eyes flashed gray.
"Oh sweetie your eyes are beautiful!" My mum gushed.
Ashton nodded a thank you to her.
"We are going to my room." I informed her.
"Okay have fun boys." She winked.
Ashton and I blushed.
When we reached my room, Ashton looked around and smiled. He sat at my computer desk and looked at me.
"Could I ask you something?"
Ashton nodded.
"Why do your eyes change colors?" Ashton seemed to think for a minute. Then he shrugged.
"How long has it been happening?" I asked.
He pulled out his notepad.
Since I went mute
I just nodded, not knowing what to say. I looked around my room the spotted a notepad the same size as Ashton's.
"I want to know what your colors are and what they mean." I said.
Ashton smiled.
I sat on the floor in front of him.
"They have turned gray and yellow so far." I said more to myself.
"Can you tell me what those mean?"
No, I can only tell you if you are right.
That was strange.
"Well, when you blush they turn gray. Blushing is a sign of embarrassment or shyness... Is that what gray means?"
Ashton nodded.
I wrote gray and shy next to it.
"Now I've seen yellow twice today. And that's a new color. It happened when that boy pushed you into the lockers and when we got here."
Ashton nodded showing me he was still listening.
"You looked...scared. Is that what yellow means?"
Ashton smiled and nodded.
I wrote yellow and scared next to it. I closed the notepad and put it aside. I glanced around my room not really looking for anything. Just..looking. Ashton tapped my desk and I turned my attention to him. He held out his notepad.
I need to be getting home. Thank you for earlier. Thank you for being my friend.
I smiled at him.
"What are friends for Ashy!"
He smiled at me and his eyes turned gray. I could have questioned it, but I didn't. I leaned in and hugged him. When I pulled away he smiled. I offered to walk him out but he declined. He waved and left. That boy was different but something about him made me what to know more.

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