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I was suspended for two days. When I told my mum why I did it she wasn't as mad anymore. In fact she actually smiled. I just sat around the house proud. I wasn't sorry. I grabbed the notepad I wrote Ashton's eye colors in. I wrote bright blue and sad next to it. My mum knocked on my door and walked in.
"Someone is here to see you." She smiled.
The door opened a bit more and there stood Ashton.
"Hey!" I smiled.
He waved.
I got up and hugged him tight. My mum smiled at us and closed the door. Ashton pulled away from out hug and looked at me. He put his hands on my face and turned my head side to side.
"I'm okay. He didn't hit me once." I laughed.
He pulled out his notepad and handed it to me.
I can't believe you did that. You didn't have to. Thank you Luke. You are an amazing friend.
"No problem Ashton. He deserved it." I said.
His face was looking a little better where he had been hit but not much.
"How are you feeling?" I asked.
He shrugged.
I could tell he didn't want to talk about it so I changed the subject.
"I know what blue means." I said.
He looked at me funny and his eyes flashed green. I grabbed my notepad.
"What does green mean!?" I asked then remembered he couldn't tell me.
"Blue means sad. You looked at me funny just now and they turned green." I told him.
Ashton smiled. Then his eyes flashed green again. He pulled out his notepad and wrote:
Why do you want to know what they mean so badly?
Confused. That's what green meant! I wrote green and confused next to it. He peeked at what I had written and smiled.
"Am I right?" I asked.
He nodded.
I realized I had ignored his question but he didn't seem to notice so I left it alone.
"Do you want to watch a movie?" I asked.
Ashton nodded.
"What kind?" I asked.
Disney? He wrote.
I showed him my Disney collection and he picked The Lion King. As it started I laid my head in Ashton's lap and he played with my hair. I felt my eyes get heavy and within a few minutes I was asleep.

-Aye double update! Thoughts on Luke taking up for Ashton? Thoughts on Ashton's eye colors? Thoughts in general? I'll update again tomorrow. Just be ready it's going to start getting better I promise! -Lynds

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