[6] The Killing Games

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"What's going on?" She asks looking at Zoey to her left. Everyone was standing in a straight line next to each other.

"We are going to do the killing Games soon. Haven't you read the book?" She says keeping her eyes straight.

"Who mean the Hunger Games?" She asks confused.

"No, The Killing Games. It's were four groups of four must fight each other to the death till there is four people left all together." She says like it was common knowledge.

"Hello class." The red haired woman I met in the office walked in. "Today we are practicing the Killing Games ceremony, so their will be only accident killing." She gives us a dark chuckle. "Now get into groups of four and practice." She clapped her hands together.

She was grouped with Rex, Zoey and Silent Killer. Another group consisted of Fro, the green haired guy, Razor, the pink haired girl, Volume and the red haired guy, Blade. Another group had the purple hair girl, Chocker since she seemed to always were chocker necklaces. And three others she didn't know. Then there was the last group of four which she really didn't focus on.

"Alright, we have to work together to make this work." Rex starts like a leader.

"What about learning the others weaknesses?" Zoey gives him a crazy smirk.

"What about working together?" Rex growls at her.

"Weaknesses." The blonde snaps back.

"Wanna work on skills?" Silent whispers to her as the other two continue to argue.

"Yes." She nods as the two head over to the knive throwing rang. There were twins from Chockers team standing there.

"That's Tick and Tock. You don't want to mess with them when they are together." Silent advised her as they walked to a station. The twin boys were both blonde with same hair cut and look, but one had a wrist watch on their left wrist and the other on his right.

"Do?" One of them said. "You?" The other continued. "Throw?" They say in unison. Crazy just got a whole new leave of scary.

"I don't know." She shrugs. Silent hands her a knife and she holds it but th tip of the blade. With a flick of her wrist towards the target she threw it and it hit the heart.

"You." One says. "Can." The other continues. "Throw." They say in unison agian. They must only say three words sentences.

"Alright, lets check out the other stations." Silent suggests. This is going to be a long day of learning what I can do.

So yes, the Killing Games is basically the Hunger Games, but with psychopaths. So basically it's a lot scarier and they are on teams.

So things are getting insane, and you are meeting new characters. Just so you know Tick has the watch on the left and always speaks first. Tickets has his watch on the right and always speaks second.

I am still opened for more characters, so please give me some ideas. And your character might give be the next psychopath.

Insanity has no definition, it's that crazy?

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