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After Calum left I got a text from Ashton.
From Ashy:
Can we go back to that cafe? I'm in an ice cream mood.
To Ashy:
Sure! Meet you there in 5.
I put on my shoes and said goodbye to my mum. When I got there Ashton was sitting at the same table as last time. He was studying the menu hard as I sat down. He pushed his notepad to me.
I can't decide if I was chocolate or cookie dough..
I laughed and he looked up at me.
"I'd go with cookie dough." I told him.
He smiled and nodded.
I went up and ordered for him. He looked at my funny when I came back and scribbled something on his notepad.
You didn't want anything?
"No I'm okay." I said.
I watched him eat his ice cream. He looked happy and that made me happy.
"Ashton I-" I stopped myself.
He looked up waiting for me to finish. Before I could stop myself I leaned over the table and kissed him passionately. When I pulled away he looked at me stunned by what I had just done. What had I just done?
"Ashton I-I'm so sorry." I got up and ran.
I ran all the way home and into my room without a word.
What had I just done?!

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