Chapter 14

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We're both quiet, just staring at each other's eyes. I'm afraid that if I move or make even the slightest sound that what we have will break.

I can't help but stare at his soft lips and the thoughts that are going through my mind aren't appropriate at all but somehow I cannot stop those thoughts. They feel good. Really good.

I know I shouldn't admit it but I'm feeling something for this guy. Sam Anderson has once again done what he does best, somehow enchanted me into feeling for him. Though there is no way I'd act on it. No way I'd ever tell him.

"You okay?" He says.

I notice he's staring at me in concern.

"Yea, I'm fine. It's just a lot has happened."

"I hope I didn't scare you with the kiss on the cheeks."

I blush at the mention of the kiss. "No, not at all. It was just a kiss on the cheeks. It wasn't like it was a kiss on the lips."

He lifts his eyebrow at the mention of the kiss on the mouth and that's when it feels like someone's punched me in the guts. Oh god! What was I thinking?

"And what if it was?" He asks. He has that sexy smirk again.

"Well...I...ummm..." I clear my throat but somehow can't form a sentence. At that moment I really can only think of him close to me.

He's still looking at me, waiting for an answer. Except I have nothing to say and forming a sentence right now wouldn't be safe.

He takes a step closer. I'm watching his legs as they move closer to me.

He takes another step closer and my attempts to back away result in me almost falling over.

I'm about to scream but he catches me before I slip. His left arm wraps around my hips as he pulls me up.

Both our eyes scan down towards my heel to notice that my heel has snapped off on my right shoe.

"You should take them off. Can't have you walking around like that."

I grab his hand for support as lift my leg up to take my heels off. I place them by the side of the gazebo and sit down again.

Sam takes a seat next to me but leaves a gap between us. He takes his phone out of his pocket and starts typing something.

"You never answered my question" he says.

I fidget with my fingers because I somehow cannot look him in the eyes.

"And what was your question?" I ask.

"What if I had kissed you?" He says, carefully watching me. "On the mouth."

I want to run, I don't know why but at the same time I want to grab him and pull him close and kiss him.

"Then it would've been exactly that. A kiss on the mouth. I wouldn't thought much about it. After all, you were just trying to chase Diana away."

His smile falls and I can tell his slightly disappointed. I knew that was the wrong thing to say. I always do this, I say something and then regret almost instantly.

Suddenly someone's standing by the side of the gazebo holding out a shoebox.

Sam notices and walks up to this man in a black suit. "Sir, here is the heels you ordered."

Sam grabs the box and thanks him. The guy disappears almost instantly and Sam is back by my side.

"Here, take these" he says as he pulls a beautiful pair of heels out of the box. It's royal blue, exactly like my previous pair but the heels are slightly shorter.

"You shouldn't have."

"I can't have my employee walking around barefoot at my own party, can I."

I smile as I grab the heels and put them on. I do a twirl totally forgetting Sam's there until I notice him smiling.

"It's perfect, you look gorgeous."

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