Chapter 46

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"Your mother was the most beautiful, kindest creature on Earth. Everyone basically worships the grounds she stood on. She was considered an angel and since her power was light that help emphasise human's thoughts on her being an angel."

I see a smile appearing on my father's face as he talked about my mother. Somehow reminding him of her doesn't bring him grief but happiness and a bit of guilt. He likes talking about mum, he always does. He would always tell me stories on how kind and beautiful she was.

I'm afraid of asking the question that I have always wanted to ask him. I don't know if it would break his chain of happy memories and thoughts. I don't know what will happen if I ask him. I breathe out before opening my mouth.

"How did mum died?"

The rooms go still, the smile that was once on my father's face disappeared quicker than my heartbeat. I can feel anger, guilt and sadness shift towards him and create this unknown space of emotion around him.

"They killed her. They killed our angel. Our light to this disgusting work of humans. She was supposed to guide us from evil, but evil got jealous of her beauty and power. They killed her because she was too out of reach for them. She was always going to be better than them in every way. She was too pure for humans and those with dark hearts."

"Who killed her father? Who?"

"The Academy."

I feel my heart dropped. The Academy? The Academy killed my mother. Why? She was too pure to be evil. What excuse did they have of killing the women that gave birth to me? The women who wouldn't even fight back if you punch her because she didn't want to hurt you in return. Why? Why did they kill someone like her?

"The Academy was meant to be a safe place for all of us, for her. They killed her because of who she was. She grew up there with all the other people that were helping her there and yet they killed her when she trusted them with all her heart and me. Humans are disgusting creatures, know that Winter. They crave power like bees to pollen. Always taking something away to get something out of it."

"They took mom away from us. They took her. Why father? Why did they take her?"

"Besides power, it was the jealousy and curiosity. They wanted to know what make her so special, so pure. They were jealous of her beauty, of her power, of everything. They killed her to find out what causes Elementals like you to be so special.

Once you day, they don't put you in a nice sealed coffin but on a silver table for hungry-eyed humans to dissect you to piece with no care in the world. Tossing organs and skin around like this person wasn't a person but a cutting toy. I saw it with my own eyes.

The Academy is a hunting ground for Elementals. It is an experimental project to test your abilities. To make sure you don't attack humans. Make you think that they are that pure and are you kind.

Winter, never forget who your real kind are. Those humans might have treated you nicely but if you think carefully of their behaviour. They never wanted you to interact with people. They trained you the hard they could. They locked you away from your family and everyone that cared about you. Have you ever wondered why? Why they kept you away?"

I stay silent, I wanted to tell him to stop, but my mouth will not scold the truth. They keep me from everyone like I was meant to be a secret. Why did they let me get close to the other elementals, though?

"Why did they let me get close to the other Elementals then?" I looked up at my father.

"They probably wanted to see how they would react to someone more powerful than them or to see how much control you have over them. However, I doubt that it did show them anything because I was controlling Fay." I shift my view to the floor not wanting to look back into my father's eyes.

"Winter, can you see the effect on those Elementals? Mike and Jeffery didn't seem to mind you. Even if I wasn't controlling Fay, she didn't seem to like how close you were with Duke. All the emotions I displayed was all the emotions she was feeling. The biggest effect was on Duke. You made him fall in love with you and all he can do is think of you. You've changed them without knowing because that the effect of someone whose powerful. You'll have someone who loves you, fine with you or hate or envy you."

"Father, why are humans so evil?" I bite my lip asking.

"Because that's who we are. We are born evil and good. We have light and darkness in our hearts. People say it's due to human nature, but I say you can't blame our actions on words. What we do show us who we are. We are very curious creatures and that is our downfall."

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