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I was trying my best to avoid Ashton all day. It was working so far. I couldn't believe I did that! I don't know what came over me. It just happened. Calum knew something was up but he hadn't asked what happened. Instead of sitting inside at our usual table, I talked the boys into sitting outside.
"I texted Ashton and told him we were out here." Michael said.
"Oh okay." I said.
Well that's just great.
I seen Ashton heading our way.
"Boys I'm not feeling well I'll be right back." I said getting up and heading to the bathroom. I had my panic attack then headed for the nurses office. She informed my mum I was on my way home. I texted Calum to tell him I was going home and he told me he hoped I felt better. On the walk home I thought about Ashton and how mad he must be. I didn't blame him if he never wanted to talk to me again. I wanted to stay as far away fro him as I could do it wouldn't happen again. I had already messed up our friendship, what was the point now? When I got home my mum offered to make me something to eat but I declined. I wasn't hungry. I just wanted to sleep. I laid down looking up at the boring white ceiling and thought more about Ashton. I had messed up so bad. My eyes began to get heavy and before I knew it I was asleep.

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