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When Ashton pulled away it was my turn to be shocked. His eyes widened. Then they turned gray and he went to get up. I grabbed his wrist.
"You can't just leave after kissing me like that."
He smirked and pulled out his notepad.
But you did.
I was shocked at his sudden outburst of sass. I smiled and hugged him.
"I have a question." I said holding his shoulders.
His eyes widened.
"How many eye colors do you have?"
He thought for a moment.
7 without my normal eye color.
I grabbed my notepad and counted.
"I have 6. So there is still one I don't know." I informed him.
He nodded and smiled.
"How many times have you felt the way the last color means?" I asked.
Luke, I can't tell you that.
"What about what color it is?"
"Why not? I just don't understand Ashton. I want to know why you are mute! I want to know why your eyes change color! I want to know how and when it started! I just don't understand!" I sighed.
Luke if I could tell you I would. I promise. But I can't. It's part of it.
He frowned.
"Okay. I'm sorry." I said.
For what?
His eyes changed green. He was so cute when he was confused.
"That you can't tell me and why you are mute, even though it isn't my fault I still feel the need to apologize for it. And for everything you are ever upset about." I explained.
He smiled and hugged me. When he pulled away I stole a kiss. His eyes flashed purple and I smiled. I wrapped my arms around his neck and squeezed him tight to me, swaying back and forth.
"My little Ashy is happy." I smiled.
He pushed me away and blushed. It made me happy that he was happy. It also made me happy that I was the reason. I wanted to know what the last color was and what would happen when I finally found out what it meant.

-Only a few more chapters left! There are 20 chapters plus the epilogue! -Lynds

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