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Chapter-6-"The couch may not be comfortable Baby girl"

Pauline June's POV

After I stopped crying, I went over to the closet in his room and opened the door. I went inside and took out a pair of dark blue cotton shorts and white tank top. I got out and found him lying on his bed smiling like a creep while looking at the ceiling. I frowned at him and went into the bathroom. I am surprised to see that there are my favourite soaps and shampoos.

Did he remember all these things about me even after ten years?! But why? I am nothing to him? Right?

I came out of my thoughts and got out of my clothes. I bathed cleanly and wore the clothes I brought. I looked down myself. My shorts are a little too short in front of him. My tank top is showing a very tiny bit of cleavage. I should change maybe. Wait a minute! Why should I change? I will live and wear the dress that I want and I am comfortable with!

With that thought I came out and found him coming into the room in a blue boxer only. My eyes widen. What is he wearing? Doesn't he know that a women is living with him in his house now?! He looked at me and came towards me. He started to come close but I put my hand up to stop him. God! He is looking so hot in... in... it!

"Nick! Go and put on some pants. I am also living here now. How long I don't know. But please", I requested while looking at his chest. He grinned and came to me. He blocked me to the wall beside the mirror in his room that I am looking at myself while drying my hair.

"Baby girl, this is my house and I will wear whatever I am comfortable in. I am sorry. I can't change my clothes. Oh, I mean put on some clothes. And huh... stop looking at my chest and abs, it will not only turn on you but also me", he said in a husky voice in my ear. His fresh smell invaded my nostrils and closed my eyes for a few seconds. Then I got back to my senses and pushed him away.

"Whatever. Just... Just put on a shirt or whatever".

"Come on Baby girl, I sleep like this always. Wait a minute. Tell me how do you sleep always? Do you wear bra and panties only or do you sleep like this?", he asked while his eyes roamed my body lustfully and instead of feeling disgusted, it only turned me on more.

"Shut up nick! I sleep like this!". His smile dropped.

"Oh... No. But it's okay. I can soon change it", he said with an evil smile. I glared at him. He took my hand while leading me to the dining room.

"Change what? Don't tell me that you are going to make it a clause!", I said angrily. He pulled out a seat for me and gently pushed me down in it by my shoulders. I sat down.

"Oh I would have made it one, but it slipped out of my brain while thinking of others", he said and put a plate in front of me.

I looked at him with wide eyes. He smirked at me. I glared at him. God this man is so arrogant!

"Here", he said while filling my plate with spaghetti.

"I can't eat this much!", I complained.

"What?! That just so little! You became so thin from the last time I saw you!", he complained and put some more in my plate. He pulled a chair to my left side and sat in it. I crossed my legs and took a fork. He put his hand over my shoulder. I shook it off and gave him a serious look. He gave me his puppy dog eyes and I shrugged it off. He sighed and put his hand on the chair where I leaned.

"The food tastes good", I complimented.

"Thank you", he replied showing me his teeth. I frowned.

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