Kill or Be Killed

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I woke up in a dark place, that smelled horrible and was starkly quiet. I scrambled up, my mouth dry with thirst.

"Hello?" I cried out, my voice cracking.

How long has I been down here? My voice echoed in the dark halls, then other voice joined mine. Screaming, crying, shrieking tore through the air, causing me to bring my hands up to my ears. I felt tears come to my eyes.

Where am I?

Hours later, total chaos broke out. I could hear large explosions and shouts from above. I whimpered, pulling my legs into my chest. For days, it seemed to go on. Until finally, light.

Guards burst in the door, scanning the cells of bony, dirty, forgotten people. I shrink away, scared, but then notice their uniforms.

"Help! Please, over here!" I cried out, my voice raspy from thirst.

One of the guards' heads snap over to me and he slowly approaches. He gapes when he sees me.

"Your majesty?" He asks, eyes wide.

I nod in relief before everything faded away, and I sunk to the ground.

"Your highness!" A voice screamed, running to me.

I turned to see a commander rush over, breathing heavily.

"We found her."

I felt myself collapse in relief.

"Bring me to her," I said, and we ran together to the infirmary.


I was pronounced with severe dehydration and malnourishment. I had some big bruises from Weston and a concussion. That was when Maddox ran into the room.

He was breathing heavily as he ran to the door way. I stated at him, then burst out crying, holding my arms out to him like a baby wishing to be held. The stupid IV restrained my movements. He ran to me, dropping onto his knees and hugging me close, his head buried in my stomach.

"Oh, baby, I missed you so much. I love you, I love you so much," he whispered broke my into my skin over and over again.

I cried, curling into him. That's how we were reunited. I stayed in the infirmary for a few days, then we started the trek back to Laban. I had never been happier to be home, and the citizens were ecstatic.

I got on TV and told my story, the whole country was furious with the Orians. We won the war, and we claimed part of the country's land. Weston was killed as was the King. Julianna had fled the country.

A trusted Laban is now taking care of our section of Orian that is now called Uriah. I of course found out how Maddox had acted with me away. I reprimanded him, but I couldn't be too angry. He cares about me a lot.

The old King died. There was an extravagant funeral. I didn't know the old King too well, but a lot of people came, and they cried, seeming sincere in their sorrow. Maddox and I know live happily in the castle.

He clings to me, never wanting me out of sight. Now especially, since I'm pregnant.

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