[8] Crazy is my middle name

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She walked in the hall still helping Fro limp to the nurses office. "Maybe we should go to my room." He suggests nervously.

"Why? What's wrong with the nurses office?" She asks confused.

"Well the nurse is crazy so it's best not to have her operate on you." He grunts as he points the direction to his room.

"Why your room?" She asks as they get closer to a black door with white strips on it.

"I have medical supplies." He takes out a key and unlocks the door. His room looked like a gym with a bed on the side. She walked him over to there before laying him down.

"Where are they?" She asks. He points at the too box on the other side of the room. She goes there and goes through the top drawer with was clothes then the second was tools and finally the third one had the first aid kit.

She went over to him who took his shirt off to see a big bruise on his rib. "I think you broke it." He whines.

"No, I fractured it, or it would be worse." She says with a kind smile. "Just try to to hit it okay." She says as she helps with the scratches on his face. She puts a smiley face band aid on his right cheek. "There, and for your ribs I'm gonna wrap it." She grabs an ice pack and some guazes.

After she wraps him up he falls asleep and she puts the blanket over him and puts away the first aid kit. She smiles but then she sees a wall full of pictures of friends and maybe even family. Then one catches her eye.

It was a picture of him, choker, silent, Zoey, Rex, Tick, Tock, and what looked to be her and a girl who looked exactly like her with white hair. They all looked to be at least ten or so. "What the hell is this?" She asks taking the picture. "Well I'll find out." And with that she left and went back to her class.

When she got there everyone just stared at her. "Who." Tick starts. "Are." Tick continues. "You?" They finish together.

"I'm just the girl who's trying to survive." She shrugs calmly.

"You must be crazy to help him out." Choker chuckles.

"Crazy is my middle name." She smirks. This was it for her, this is where her killing Games began.

Yo, so that was interesting. I thought I would give you and hit with some twists to entertain you all. I hope it's driving you mad.

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I know I'm crazy, do you?

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