Chapter Thirteen

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'Cold... Numb...' I thought as I sat on top of gramps stone head over looking the village. I was on my fourth cigeratte.

'Need to go inside before I freeze but I don't want to feel anything...' I thought as I started blankly at the village below. Everyone looked happy, I could feel it in their chakra. Once done with the cigeratte I laid on my back looking at the stars that could be seen on this cold winter night.

"You shouldn't be up here at night without a coat. It's really cold at night in winter." I waved Tobirama off, he sat next to me looking at the village. I went back to starring at the night sky.

"Shouldn't you be in the office."

"I could be asking you the same thing." I smirked at his comment, sitting up.

"You only have a week left of being Hokage and your slaking off? And here I thought you were all work and no fun." I side looking at him.

"Even I need a break every once in a while."

"Whatever you say, grumpy." I smiled as he turned his head to glare at me.

"You smell like an ashtray." This time I glared at him, puffing my cheeks out.

"What a great thing to say to a woman, they just love to be told that they smell like an ashtray."

"Your no woman. Your just a kid."

"Tsk, whatever." I crossed my arms.

"Amaterasu." I turned around seeing Itachi standing on the flat surface of the mountain.

"Itachi!" I got up and ran over to him, I slowed down once I grew closer to him, he pocked me on my forehead.

"You're blue." I blinked confused.

"Your not wearing a coat. You can get sick." He frowned at that. I just laughed waving him off.

"I'm fine, Itachi. Beside it feels great!"

"Don't smile if it's fake, Ama. We went through this before." My smile slowly fell replaced with a straight line as my eyes darkened.

"See you tomorrow, lord Tobirama." I said, my voice void, lacking any kind of emotion. With that being said both Itachi and I both left the hokage mountain.

"Mommy! Your home!" Kohaku yelled hugging me as soon as I walked through the front door. I laughed kneeling down hugging her.

"Hey, Haku. Did you have fun today?" She nodded her head with a smile. She went on about how she played with the others kids, how she and them made snow angles. I was happy that she was having fun here in the village. She has a good childhood unlike my own. I would give everything up just to keep her happy.


Christmas Day

"Why do I have to go, anyway?!" I yelled at Shisui who was pulling me by my feet out of my room but I was holding onto the doorframe.

"Because aunt Mikoto wants all of us there! Now, put your stubbornness aside and let's go!" He groaned out as he continued to pull on my legs.

"Now way! Tell her I came down with the flu!"

"I won't lie to her because your to damn stubborn to even do this! This is your first Christmas back in the village!"

"Put a sock in it! I don't wanna go!"

"Itachi!" We both yelled in sync. I heard a sigh behind me.

"Ama, put your stubbornness aside and let's go." I groaned as Shisui let go of my legs making me fall to the floor with a loud thud.

"I'm not going." I turned my back to them, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Guess we don't have any choice in the matter." Next thing I know an arm wrapped around my waist lifting me up as the person carried me out the front door seeing Kohaku and Sasuke waited. We walked down the road, a few people were outside, so, they watched us.

"H-hey! Put me down Itachi!" I yelled trying to get out of his hold but couldn't.

"I'm not your cousin." I blinked looking over my shoulder seeing Madara, who had amusement in his eyes. I glared at him as I started to hit him, kicking and squirming around in his hold.

"Madara! Put me down!"


"Idiot, Uchiha! Let go of me!"


"Don't you "Hn" me! I said put me down!"

"This is certainly an interesting site, don't you think Tobirama?" We came to a stop.

"Lord Hashirama!"

"How many times have I told you to just to call me Hashirama, Ama-chan?!" He whined making me sweat drop.

"At least once more, as always, lord Hashirama. Now, I'm happy to see you-"

"You hear that? She's happy to see me!" He laughed as Tobirama rolled his eyes.

"Can you make Madara put me down?" I said pointing behind me at the man holding me by my waist. Hashirama raised an eyebrow.

"What's going on?"

"He's kidnapping me!"

"Idiot! He had to crarry you out the house because your to damn stubborn to go to the compound!"

"Shut your big fat mouth!" I yelled hearing Shisui's voice. I glared at Madara who rolled his eyes at me.

"You know that's not the way we treat a woman, Madara." Hashirama scolded his friend.

"She's not a woman, Hashirama. She's just a brat." I got a tick mark at that.

"Damn you, Uchiha! Put me down so I can kick your sorry ass! Madara!" I pouned on his abdomen.

"Hn." He let go of my waist, I landed on my hands and legs. I swung my right leg under his but he jumped over me, I lifted my left leg about to hit him on his lower back when he grabbed my ankle and stared walking towards the compound dragging me against the snow.

"C-cold! Cold!" I said as snow went inside my shirt.

"Ma-Madara!" I glared at the back of his head. I grabbed some snow and threw the snowball at his head. It hit him but he kept dragging me down the snow covered ground.

"Lord Hashirama! Help me!" I yelled out.

"Sorry, Ama-chan! Madara is stubborn, he won't listen to me either way!" I rolled over on my stomach, making it get wet as I was being dragged.

"Tratior!" I gave up after that but not without throwing one or two snowballs at Madara's head. I crossed my arms over my chest.

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