[10] Freak in the Sheets

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If you haven't guessed by the title of this chapter that this is an R rated chapter than you must be innocent and I don't want to scar you. So skip if you don't like this kind of stuff, but if you do please read on.

Now, enjoy.

Their lips pressed together passionately as he slowly pushed her down on the bed. They separated so that he could remove her shirt.

He began to attack her neck with nips and kisses. She clawed at the end of his shirt to pull it off of him. It revealed a scar where his heart is.

He looked at her worried but she didn't look at him with pity, but with curiosity. She leaned in closer to the scar and kissed it softly making him moan.

His mouth assaulted hers with so much need and want. His hands moved down her body to unclip her bra with one swift movement it was gone.

His mouth moved down to her lush brèast as his began to suck in her nìple. She hands made their way to his jeans to help unbutton and unzip them. He looked at her with desire in his eyes.

He slipped off his pants and boxers with one movement, releasing his hardened member. She blushed at his size as he began pulling down her jeans and panties.

"My you are so beautiful." He whispered and he kissed his way up her thigh to her stomach and then back to her swollen lips.

He positioned himself to her soaking wet entrance before pushing in slowly making her hiss in pain. Once he fully in she bit her bottom lip to stop the pain, but then it did when her pùssy excepted his còck.

"You're a virgin?" He gasp from the pleasure he feels from being inside her.

"Well, not anymore." She blushes as she looks up at him.

He chuckles softly before leaning down to kill her nose. "You are definitely something else." He whispers before his mouth consumes her.

He moves back and forth slowly at first but then picks up the speed. She moans over and over again as he pushes harder and harder into her. "Oh my." Her nails skin deep into his skin as he brings her to her orgasm. He soon follows as he pulls out, releasing himself on her stomach.

He blushes. "Sorry." She giggles playfully as she rubs his cum as if it were lotion.

"Don't worry." She smiles as he lays down next to her exhausted.

"You know there is something about you that drives me crazy." He breaths out and he moves her lay her on top of him.

"And what is that?" She lays her head on his scar.

"You're your own category of psycho." He says as she falls asleep in his arms.

Well that was intense. For all of you that skipped just read the three above this. From "you know there is something about you... And ect." That's pretty much it.

So I finally get to bring out my ships. Rex and Die is my ship for this story. Then their is Choker and Fro. That's it for my ships that are cannon.

Tell me who you ship in this story. Since I want hear awesome ship names.

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