[12] Keeping hidden

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She sighed as she went through the next question. "Where is the spleen located and why is it important to help kill someone?" She read out loud.

She sat on Rex's messy bed as she wears his white button up dress shirt. He brings her a cup of tea as he drinks his coffee. He just wears his jeans as he sits next to her. "Well that is why we are here." He nibbles on her ear lobe, making her giggle.

"Stop that or I'll spill my tea." She takes a sip of her earl grey tea.

"We wouldn't want you to spill your tea." He says sarcastically.

She pushes on his shoulder. "Jerk." She laughs playfully. "Now we have to do this or we might fail." She pouts.

He kisses her softly before writing down the answer. "Pressure points are better." He shrugs.

"You know doctor Frankenstein I may need a new brain because this one seems to not work around you." She says playfully.

"Well my dear it's because you have feelings for me." He says wisely. "All we have to do is remove your frontal lobe and we'll be good." He says darkly.

"No thank you doctor I think I'm good now." She laughs before sipping on her tea.

They go through the work sheet together answering all the questions to the best of their knowledge when someone knocks on the door. They look at each other but Rec gets up and grabs a shirt. "I'm coming." He yells out as he puts the black shirt on.

He opens the door and there stands a man, well more like a clown with red hair and blue eyes. "What brings you here Chuckles?" Rex asks the man.

"A simple pen you borrowed that will soon be filled with your blood." He chuckles like a mad man.

"You are so funny Chuckles." Rec laughs along with him. The two seem to be friends as she pops her head out to see the sad clown paint on the man's face.

"Who is the black beauty who isn't a horse." He chuckles madly.

"Oh that is Die, she's my..." Rec thought about it for a bit before saying. "She's my girlfriend." She smiled at him for being open about their relationship to someone, it made her feel loved by him.

"Finally found a girl who can stand your ugly mug T-Rex?" He laughs again sticking out his blood red tongue.

"Maybe." Rex smiles at her making her blush. "So what brings you here pal?" He turns his attention to Chuckles.

"Well I can to ask you for a favor, you see I need a way to defeat needles without bashing his brains in." He crackles the an insane person.

"Sure, we were just going over the importance of the spleen." Rex looks over at her.

"I think the spinal cord is better for killing, especially paralysis." She says looking through her book.

"Isn't that I back crack." Chuckles goes crazy with laughter.

"Yes it is." She agrees nervously.

"Well thank you for the back breaking fun." He chuckles his way to his own room. Rec closes the door behind him and faces her.

"Well, that was interesting." She says looking up at Rex.

He makes his way over to her. "Yes it was." He crawls slowly on top of her. "Now how about some more fun?" He says before nibbling on her ear and making her giggle before taking her to bed.

Hey gang, so that was a crack up. Just kidding, or am I? Anyways Chuckles was created by M.L.Gates sister so I dedicated this chapter to her. You're the best Angela.

Anyways sorry about not updating on time I've been busy and haven't been writing. But I'm gonna continue and hopefully finish soon. I just need three more characters so don't be shy to make your own character.

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