Chapter 17

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Monday, I'm so tempted to call in work and tell Sam I'm sick but I've just got this job. It's too soon to take time off.

The idea of facing Sam is killing me and our offices are right next to each other which makes it that much worse.

I pull a white cardigan over my mustard coloured tank top and look down at my feet. I'm wearing white converse.

I look over to the corner of my room by the door. Black pumps.

I don't feel beautiful at all in this. I was looking very nice during the party.

Now Sam will see how unattractive I really am. No wonder he kissed me during the party. A dress and heels, it's what guys like. Now I just look like some high school girl. He wouldn't even want to be seen with me.

I walk over to the kitchen and grab me keys from the counter and head downstairs.

I get in the car and drive towards work. However the whole time I can't get the night of the party out of my head.

I feel like I should've dressed up today but isn't that the whole point. Wasn't I angry because I thought Sam was using me, so why do I have to dress up. I look fine the way I am.

When I get to work, I walk past the ground floor reception desk where the two receptionists scan me up and down before giggling. They've been at it since I got the job.

I quicken my pace until I get to the elevator and what patiently. It takes a bit of time but finally I'm back to my desk.

There's a big piece of paper taped to my desk. It's a list of things I have to do today.

Organise a conference for tomorrow. Call in the clients for the car deal to discuss the contract. Check the financing for the month. Bring Sam coffee at ten and another at noon. He has to be kidding. Call his lawyer and ask him to come in. Create a spreadsheet for the finances for the day. Who does that? Call the contractors that were coming in today and cancel. Fetch Sam tea at one and lunch at two. Edit the system report. Create a safety assessment for the conference tomorrow. Check with the management team and order pizza for the whole department.

This is too much work for one day. He is purposely trying to piss me off. I rip the paper off the desk and storm off into his office, I don't knock and I don't wait.

He doesn't even bother looking up.

"What is this?" I say as I hold up the sheet.

"The list of things you have to do today. I thought it was obvious."

He's smirking again but this time it's different. This is more of a 'I'm right and you'll do as I say because I never lose' smirk.

"This is clearly too much." I don't know what's gotten into me and how I've spoken up. Usually I'm the quiet type who would run away in a situation like this.

"What did you expect. You've got a job in the best place in the whole of Australia. Did you honestly think you'd slide right through."

I shake my head no. I'm trying to hold back tears and I no longer feel as strong as I did before. "I know but it's too much for one person."

He stands up and walks towards me. He gets very close, almost like his going to kiss me again but instead he says "Well I'll leave that to you. You either do the job or get a job elsewhere."

I nod quietly and quickly run out of there and head back to my desk. I know he can see me through the glass panel that separates us so I run to the bathroom, lock the door and gently cry.

He seems so different. He didn't even mention the kiss and I thought he would. I wipe my tears and head back out. I need to prove him wrong and wipe that smirk off his face.


It's four fifty. Ten minutes until the day is over and I go home.

Sam calls me into his office. I know it's to see if I've finished everything.

I take my time before I knock on his door and get called in.

"Did you complete everything I asked you to do?" He asks.

"Of course, sir."

He looks up rapidly, almost shocked.

I reach out and place a usb on his desk. "This has everything you asked for, in case you don't believe me."

This time, I'm the one smirking. He looks surprised like he was so sure I couldn't do it.

"You can check now if you want" I say.

I can tell he isn't happy.

"I'm sure you've done the work."

"Oh and I sent in your coffees, tea and lunch. You did get it, right?"

His expression doesn't change. "I did. You may leave for the day."

"Well aren't you kind, sir." I excuse myself and walk away.

When I get to the carpark, I jump in joy. I proved him wrong. He didn't get to win. I did

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