Chapter 18

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The next day, the whole office is quiet. It seems odd, no ones in the ground floor reception desk and only one receptionist on level twelve.

I walk up to the front door of my office to see that there is a post it note stuck on the door asking me to see Sam immediately.

I place my bag inside and head to Sam's office however when I knock on the door, there is no response.

I place my hand on the door handle and twist it to enter. When I look around, Sam is no where to be seen.

I walk over to the receptionist and ask her where everyone is but all she does is shrugs.

"I have no idea" she says.

I pick up my phone to send a text to Sam because now I'm genuinely worried but I stop mid-text. I can't send this text. He'll think I'm worried.

I walk back to my office in hopes that there is a list that perhaps will tell me of my tasks for the day but there is nothing.

Sitting on my desk, fidgeting with the stationary and sometimes my skirt, a good two hours passes. I peak through the glass panel over at Sam's office and he still isn't there.

I get up and head down to the ground floor to see if others have came but no one is here. I walk over to the waiting area by the reception desk and sit, this way I get clear view of the door in case anyone enters.


Before I know it, it is one o'clock and I've been here since nine. I decide there's no point and that maybe I should wait at my desk.

This time however when I get over to level twelve the receptionist who was perhaps the only other person in this building is gone too.

I head into the girls bathroom to check if she's there but it's empty. I walk past Sam's office and he still isn't there.

I'm genuinely concerned. I pick up my phone and decide to call him but instead get stuck with voicemail so I leave a message instead. "What is going on? Why aren't you here? If this is because of what happened at the party, I'm genuinely sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. Please come back, I'm worried about you."

When I hang up the phone, I realise what a big mistake I've made. I should've never admitted I was worried. What if he uses that against me. Arghhh how stupid do I have to be.


I open my eyes to realise I had fallen asleep at my desk. When I scan the clock I realise it's four o'clock. Surely someone's here by now.

I look through the glass panel but no Sam. The reception desk is still empty. I head for level eleven and check there and it's empty. Taking my time I check all the levels of the office until I give up and decide to go back to my office to get my bag and leave.

When I get into the elevator and it reaches level twelve, there Sam stands by the elevator door. Shocked, I try to hide the expression as he walks into the lift.

He taps the close door button but doesn't tap another level. I feel isolated and confused. Just as I reach out to press another level, he steps in the way.

"So you were worried about me" he says, this time his smirk resurfaces.

"No, why would I be."

"I don't know, perhaps because you said so yourself."

"Me...I never did such a thing" I say. Wondering what he's on about.

He reaches into this pocket and pulls his phone out and taps the screen a few times. I know now he's about to play my voicemail message.

"Shut your phone. Don't play it, that's not my voice."

His smirk grows wider. "Oh, I see."

That doesn't stop him though. He plays the message and raises an eyebrow at my direction. "If that's not your voice then whose is it."

"I don't know, it's your phone."

He leans in closer. "So do tell me why you left this message."

"BECAUSE I THINK IM FALLING..." I stop immediately after realising what I was about to confess to.

He raises his eyebrow at me again.

"Because I think I'm falling...ill...yes...yes that's it...ill." I cough trying to hide the obviousness of it all. "People say all kinds of things when they're ill."

"Is that right?"

"Yes" I say. "And shouldn't I be the one asking the questions. Where was everyone today?"

He smiles. "I gave everyone the day off."

"Oh and you didn't think to tell me."

"I told the receptionist to inform everyone, I guess she must've forgotten you." His face is serious now.

He reaches for the open door button and I practically run out. I grab my bag from my office and head downstairs. Sam has disappeared again.

Doesn't matter because I'm going home.

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