chapter fifteen

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chapter fifteen
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     I FEEL LIKE I ALWAYS make the craziest decisions when I think about May. First off, I decide to go get ice cream with her after she spilled milk all over me. Secondly, I go to a party of hers with a bunch of people I don't know just because I was desperate for friends. Thirdly, I tell her things about me that Mason or Julia have never known. Why am I so open to May Luna Parker?

     "Hi, May." I smiled and held the phone loosely on my face. I was currently lying in bed at eleven at night while I was talking to my lovely friend.

     "Why, hello there, Ashley James." She chuckled ever so slightly. "You know it's really late?"

     "Eh, I know, I figured you were up." I closed my eyes as the smile stayed glued to my face. I wanted to tell her all about my mother's response; she was the best person at letting me know she loved me. I mean, obviously - she's my mom - but after what happened with May... I just didn't want that to happen to me as well.

     "Well, you were right." I could picture May smiling on the other end of the phone. "Anything you need help with? Math, science, school, clothing, food...?"

     "No." I chuckled lightly and rolled over to the left side of my body. "I just wanted to talk."

     "Oh." She said suddenly. I wish I could see her face right now. "Okay, yeah, I'd love to just talk." I smiled and closed my eyes once again. I could practically fall asleep right now.

     "I told my mom." I said after a few moments of silence. "She promised not to tell my dad so I could do it myself."

     "Oh, good!" May exclaimed a little too loud for my liking. "She approves? Accepts? Loves? Cherishes?"

     "Yes." I chuckled and pulled my knees into my chest like a baby. "I'm so relived."

     "That's great, Ashley." I could picture May smiling right about now. "I'm so happy for you." She paused for a second before talking again, "What do you think is gonna happen next?"

     My eyes stared at a small stain on my carpet as I thought about her question. What's going to happen next?

     "I don't know." I answered honestly. It must've been a minute of silence between us. "I don't know how to tell Mason, though."

     "Yeah..." She slowly responded. "I - just... Don't avoid the topic. This needs to happen whether you want it to or not."

     "I know, I won't." I bit my tongue.

     "Ashley," she chuckled under her breath, "I know you. You're going to want to avoid it as much as you can around him."

     I kept quiet and adjusted my head on my pillow. She's probably right; I am going to try everything to not tell Mason that I'm gay. The term is still unfamiliar to me.

"I guess you're right." I slightly shrugged and closed my eyes. I was getting really sleepy. I took a deep breath before I sank into my wonderful mattress.

"When am I not?" She joked. I laughed a little and shook my head.

"Okay," I dragged on, "I'm gonna go to bed."

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