[13] Secrets Out

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After Chuckles came over everyone seems to had heard about Die and Rex being an official couple.

"I always thought Zoey was with Rex." Volume whispers to Blade.

"Maybe not." Blade shrugs.

The whole class seemed to be in an up roar about this except, Silent killer and Fro. They seemed to not be interesting in the topic. Needles seemed adamant about Die still being a victim.

Then Zoey walked in with her bright pink tights, black boots with zippers on them, black shorts and a rolling stones tank top. "What is this I hear about Dex or Rie, which ever you prefer." She says taking the pink bubble gum flavored dumb dumb out of her mouth.

"It's true, they are together." Chocker confirms to her.

"Really?" She moves the sucker to the left side of her mouth.

"Yes." Tick starts. "It's." Tock continues. "True." They say in unison.

"Well that settles it." She walks over to the couple. She leans on so her face is close to theirs. "And I'm just hearing this now?" She asks as if offended that they didn't tell her sooner.

"Well you see we were unsure and..." She stops Rex right there.

"No excuses, I want the truth." She says before pointing at Die.

"Alright." She takes a deeper breath. "We didn't know how people would react so we kept it a secret." She admits nervously.

"Makes sense, these people are kinda crazy." The blonde laughs at her own joke.

"True." She fake laughs along.

"So are you preparing for the big battle in three weeks?" Zoey sat down in front of the couple and next to Silent Killer.

"I guess, I'm still worried about it." She says looking over at Rex who squeezed her hand reassuringly.

"As long as we are together nothing can tear us apart." He smiles at her. She nods in agreement.

"Okay love birds, but what do we do about everyone else?" Zoey snaps at them.

"Simple." Silent Killer turned towards them. "We kill them." But Die was unsure she could go through with it. Unlike the others she wasn't trained or insane enough to kill.

Rex leaned close and whispers in her ear. "Don't worry, I'll protect you. I promise." And with that promise she knew that his heart was true.

She leaned in close to his ear. "I love you."


Boom, I just dropped the love bomb. Since I really ship them so hard and I want to make them a real couple. They are my OTP right now.

And I still need more psychopaths so seriously please tell me your character. You can even private message me if you want. All you have to do is give me
Looks such as eye, skin and hair color,
And reason for them being a psycho.(it's just a trait that makes them an individual)

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