Chapter 19

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I grab the panadol of the kitchen bench and swallow the tablet with some water. My head hurts and I don't remember why.

Last night I ended up calling Bianca so she could help me out because I was so depressed and we went out.

I don't remember much. Oh god, I hope I didn't drink alcohol because I don't drink.

I rush to the phone and dial Bianca's number. It takes several rings before she answers. "What's up?"

"Hey B."

"Oh my, God you sound awful."

"I know, I know. B what happened last night?"

"I actually don't know, mind explaining it to me Violet Jones! You said you felt down so I took you to a club. Didn't know you were gonna drink."

"What! I drank?" I slam my head on the kitchen counter.

"Yes! It was a surprise to me too. You asked the bartender for the strongest he had and I tried to stop you but you wouldn't listen. You were way over your head and then you disappeared with this guy after I warned you to stay away from him."

"Oh no! Nothing happened, right? I mean between me and the guy."

"How am I supposed to know. You disappeared with him. I tried calling you and everything but no answer."

"Arghhh, I hope nothing happened. I mean B I'm still a..."

She cuts me off before I can finish. "I know babe. Though I'm not so sure if you still are."

"I gotta go" I say and then hang up. This time tears don't come out. I half sit there expecting me to break down any minute but it doesn't happen.

When I check the time and realise that I'm already an hour late, I quickly grab my keys and run for the car.

I know Sam won't be pleased. He hates people coming late and especially hates me considering how he's been treating me lately after the party.

When I get to the front door of my office. I do a quick scan of Sam's office. He isn't there, thank god.

Except that relief vanishes the minute I open the door and his sitting at my desk.

"Over an hour late, Miss Jones."

I shamefully stare at my shoes.

"Come in, will you."

I slowly walk because my head is spinning and I feel like I'm going to puke. When I get to the desk, I lean my hand on it for support.

"Care to explain why you're so late."

I fidget with my dress. I know if I speak I'm going to throw up. My head spins and I slam against the floor.


"Violet, can you hear me?"

I open my eyes slowly noticing I'm in Sam's office. I try to pull myself up but Sam stops me.

"No, lie down. You aren't well."

My head happens to be on his lap. I can't help but feel happy even if it's for two seconds.

He runs his hand across the side of my face and then cups my face between his hands.

"What happened, Violet?" I can see worry in his eyes. "You had me concerned."

I don't want to tell him I got drunk. I just want to hide it and pretend it never happened. What strikes me though, is his sudden change of behaviour.

"I don't know" I say, feeling absolutely horrible for lying.

He goes over to a cupboard and pulls a blanket out and a pillow. He shoves the pillow under my head and just now I realise I'm laying on a couch. After he throws the blanket over me.

"Don't worry about today's work. I'll get someone else to fill in for you. You should rest, I'll drop you off later."

"It's fine, I can make my own way home."

"Violet, I'm really not in the mood. Do you really want to play this game?"

I shake my head 'No.'

I grab the blanket and pull it up to my neck and close my eyes before sleep pulls me in.

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