[15] Survival is Necessary

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The last week they've been doing survival techniques so they can get better at it. Silent Killer was great at is, as was Die but Rex and Zoey were having a hard time with it.

Zoey looked up at Silent Killer who was pretty high up in a tree. "How do you do that with no noise?" The blonde asks amazed.

"Easy, quick movements." Silent simply said.

"Yeah, but what if you miss a step?" The blonde counters.

"You find a better one." Silent said moving swiftly down the tree till he was on the ground again.

"This is impossible." Zoey scoffs.

"It isn't you just have to analyze your path before you climb." She tells her friend. "Like this." Die started to climb the tree quickly following the path she created as she went along till she found the perfect branch. "See."

"Easy for you to say." Zoey rolls her eyes playfully.

Rex followed Die's directions and made it to the branch next to her. "How did I do?" He asks her with a smile.

"Pretty good." She smiles at him as they race down and of course she won.

"Are you two done?" Zoey says impatiently.

"We still have trap making." Silent insists.

"Ugh, I don't like this. Why can't we just kill." The blonde groaned with frustration.

"Because it is wiser to out wit your foe than go in with no plan at all." Silent says wisely.

"Thank Confucius Silent Killer." Rex gives him a bow in respect.

She rolls her eyes at him before walking over to someone nets. "It's trapping time." She giggles with glee.

"It's a trap." She yells out after Zoey who is hanging upside down.

"Get me down!" The blonde calls out.

"That is one good trap." Silent says impressed.

"Thank you." She giggles as she cuts Zoey down.

Zoey hits the ground with a thud. "Ouch. You could have lowered bmme slowly." She groans as she pulls the trap off her leg.

"Well if you didn't walk right into it." Rex says reasonably.

"Oh shut up." The blonde snapped making them laugh.

Then it was time to get to bed. Waiting for a new day, but not the day of the killing games. She will do anything to not kill, but for Rex she might have to do what she doesn't want to for love.

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