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Chapter-7-"The Wild cat is back in the Beast's arms"

Pauline June's POV

"Nick, I am scared", I said while closing my eyes tightly and holding onto him on my bed. He held me back tightly. I put my head on his chest and wrapped my hands around his shoulders.

"You don't need to be scared Baby girl. I am here for you", he said soothingly and kissed my forehead. I still held him. Then the coulds again clashed causing a loud thunder with a bright lightening which fell into my room through the windows. I gripped his shirt tightly, scared of those loud thunders.

"Nick", I whimpered.

"Baby girl, don't worry. I am here. Look at me", he said while pushing me a little and holding my face in his hands. I looked up at him. He is looking into my eyes. I looked back into his.

I blinked a few times.

"There. Calm down. I am right here. Next to you. Holding you. I won't let any harm come to you", he said with a promise held in his eyes. I smiled at him though I am feared a little due to the non-stop thunders.

"Thank you", I said smiling and he kissed my forehead.

"When I am here with you, near you, I won't let those thunders scare you", he said while pulling me into his lap. I am straddling him. He pushed the hair of my face back and stared at me.

"What if you are not there, near me, when the thunders occur?". He smiled before answering me.

"Why will I ever leave you alone? Why would I not be near you? For that to happen, first I should be able to leave you. Which I can't. So don't worry. I will always hold you when there are thunders", he said while kissing my cheek and pulling me to his chest as he leaned back on my bed post. I smiled feeling happy.

"Always?", I asked into his neck. He kissed my shoulder.

"Always", he promised while tightening his hold and I smiled feeling happy. I held him tightly and fell asleep happily.

I woke up gasping as I heard a loud thunder. I looked beside me and found that Nick is not there. I looked around and found that I am alone. My mind went back to the memory that I juat dreamt about. He once promised me really, but it just stayed like that. I think it never meant anything to him. I think I never meant anything to him.

After leaving him, whenever there are thunders, I tremble, cause I am so scared of them and I always imagine him holding me tightly, soothing me and remember him placing feather kisses on my neck and face. I slowly tried to get out of the fear which I still have now, but not that much. The memory still pains me and yet it still makes me happy inside.

There was a sudden loud thunder again and I gasped. The bedroom door opened and Nick came inside with a tray full of food. He saw me and gave me a big smile. I just looked at him for a minute and turned my head away. He is looking handsome even just in his track pants. He must have changed from his boxers this morning. His chest in bare, giving me a full view of his abs.

"Good morning Baby girl", he said in a cheerful voice. I looked up at him as he came and sat in front of me, putting the tray on the night stand.

"Don't call me that", I said in a calm voice, not having the mood to fight with him in the early morning.

"You can't stop me. Also I brought you breakfast. Here-", he stopped saying when there was another thunder. I clenched my fists not wanting to show him that I am still scared of them. He however noticed it as he stared at me and found me breathing heavily.

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