Chapter 47

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Anger boiled in me as I remembered what my father told me. How cruel were they to my mother? How could someone do such a thing to her? Humans? Elementals? What's the difference anymore?

"Winter, what do you want to do? I'll follow your every wish and will. You know that. Tell me. Tell me what you wish to do now?" Talon stares at me with an assurance that was very comforting. At least I knew there was someone that I could rely on now.

"I'll destroy this place. I'll kill every last one of them and bury all the elementals that contributed to their abhorrent experiment. We'll teach them that their actions were in vain as I'm going to take it away and do the right thing." I said holding my hands to my side.

"Winter, you will let me do the killing," Talon said staring at me.

"No, I want to have revenge on them. It's not right of me to do so but who is going to stop them if no one know the truth. The truth of what actually is going on. Someone needs to know. Someone needs to save our people. If no one does, I will." I move towards the door.

In a flash, Talon walked towards me and place his hand on my cheek. He strokes my cheeks as if it was as fragile as glass. His eyes flicker on my face to my eyes. So many emotions flashing through him was overwhelming.

"You are so beautiful and strong, Winter. You're incredible, but I'm not going to let you taint your hands with filthy blood. Your hands are too pure to that. You know yourself, that your heart will break if you do so. I'll do it." He gave a weak smile.

"Talon.." I try to reason with him.

"My hands are tainted already, how many have I killed. I don't want you to hold the guilt of death. You are too beautiful and innocent for death to touch you. I won't let him. The only time he will touch you is when you grow old and die. Not by murder. Not by sins"

I felt his forehead against mine. Such a small gesture made my heart flicker with emotions. Why is my chest getting tighter? Why can't I reply? My hands fist his purple shirt into my hands and lean my head onto his shoulders instead.


He place his nose in the crook of my neck and takes deep breaths. I feel a touch on my hair, stroking it in a calm motion. His arms wrap themselves around my waist, holding me, protecting me.

"You are going to be fine. I'll make sure of it. I promise your father that I'll make sure that you were alright and safe. Also healthy. You mean a lot to me, Winter. If anything happens to you under my watch. I would kill myself." He said pressing me closer.

"Talon, please. Don't say such things like that." I whispered playing with the hairs on the back of his head.

"I have too. You need to know that I would find a new planet for us and come back if you ask me to. I would. Plus if I don't protect you properly, you father will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. Throwing invisible objects and colourful words at me." He joked.

I felt him smile against my skin with stroking my hair. We stood there in silence letting our emotions run wild. We were just enjoying each other's company.

"What about your brother?" Talon asked releasing me slightly from his hold just to look at me.

"We can't tell him anything. He is an Elder now, good or bad? I've yet to decide. He is one of them now, but I doubt he has any idea what is actually going on." I said turning to look at the window where the sky was still blue.

"Don't you think we should at least tell him what happened? He is your brother after all and he could spy on the Elders for us." Talon said.

I sigh wrapping my arms around myself, slowly stepping to face the window. The field was empty today, no practice. My hot breath fogged up the glass as I lean closer to look for someone.

In the reflection of the glass, I see Talon come over and stand behind me. Arms wrapped around me pulling me away from the window. My eyes linger at the window before turning to face Talon.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door startling Talon and I. Talon grip my arm and put me behind him.


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