[18]Soon to come

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"They've posted the teams." Blade yells out for everyone to heard. It was a paper on the door of our classroom.

The four groups consisted of.
1.) Chocker, Fro, Tick & Tock
2.) Blade, Volume, Zoey & Rex
3.) Needles, Chuckles, Luna (the Killer) & Razor
4.) Silent Killer, Skell, Die & Key

Die looked at the list again, who the hell is Key. And who is Luna? She looked over at Razor and saw a girl with black hair and red dyed tips. In the back I see a guy with good hair and gold eyes wearing a key necklace. That must be Key.

"That's Luna, the Killer." Silent whispered in my ear. "She's one of the Jeff the Killer descendents." He adds.

"The legendary Jeff the Killer?" She asks back frightened.

All he did was nod. Rex wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "No matter what, I'll protect you." He whispered in her ear.

"I know you will." She smiled up at him.

"How romantic." Luna giggled at them. "Too bad you'll all be dead." She smiled playfully.

"Don't be too quick, you forget about us." Skell stepped next to Die and Silent.

"Oh well you know I can't help myself." Her blood red eyes glowed with joy.

Skell's purple eyes met Luna's with a glare. "We aren't fighting yet." Die said trying to stop them.

"Only." Tick began. "Time." Tock continue. "Will tell." The said it in unison.

"Yes, now lets relax before we battle. Soon most of us will be dead." Chocker says before walking away with Fro.

Die knew it was the truth when she looked up at Rex. She would do anything for him and she was going to prove it tonight.

Everyone went their own ways getting prepared for what is to come in seven days. Rex and Die went to his room to talk.

"So what happens afterwards?" She asks sipping her glass of milk.

"We live our lives together." He smiled at her as he cooked their steaks.

"Okay, if we have children, what do you want to name them?" She asks playfully.

"I would name my son Deno and my daughter Trixy." He smiles happily at the thought.

"Why Trixy?" She asks curiously.

"I loved speed racer growing up." He blushes.

"Yeah." She got up and wrapped her arms around his waist and placed her face on his bare back. "I hope we get out of this alive."

He turned around to face her tipping her head up to face him. "We will my love, we will." And with that he sealed the promise with a kiss.

Thank you HannahDevine0 for creating an amazing character that will be seen more when I get to the fight, don't worry. I hope I portrayed her the way you like.

So all the characters have been chosen and are ready to battle. The list of all of them are at the beginning and I hope you enjoy the battle.

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What is to come? Only madness and massacres. Nah, their will be much more and definitely a lot of bodies but it doesn't mean they are all dead.

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