[20] Let the Killing Games Begin

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*Happy Halloween, even though today isn't Halloween it is tomorrow. And the picture is me and my boyfriend as Ash and Misty from Pokemon. I hope this chapter is spooktacular enough for you*

It was a week of practicing and now it was time for the Killing Games to begin. The red haired administration lady walked up to them. "It's time for the games, get in your groups and lets start."

Each group went to their starting points. It was a big square area with the school in the center and weapons laid out in the forest. "The country down starts now." The lady called out over loud speakers.
And with that the Games began with Skell ran off the claim some weapons. Key looked at the other two and shrugged. "She was in a hurry and now I must scurry. Wouldn't want to die, now I say goodbye." He bowed before leaving.

"Yeah, his thing is rhyming, but he likes keys." Silent shrugs.

"So where should we go?" Die asks worried.

"I told Rex to meet us at this marked tree by the school." Silent says as they continue to walk through the dark forest.

"What's the mark?" She asks.

"It's a X inside a heart inside a diamond, so it would be pretty hard to miss." He says calm.

They stop when they hear a twig snap. They both go behind trees and watch as Volume and Blade walk by. "I wonder where the weapons are?" Volume asks.

"They are by the school, but I don't even know where that is." Blade sighed before they continued on.

Die and Silent walked up to each other and nodded. "We've gotta keep a look out for others." She said.

"And weapons." He added, but she didn't agree with it.


Rex and Zoey were with Fro and Chocker as they went looking for weapons and Rex was looking for that tree to meet up with Die and Silent.

"So who do you want to kill first?" Zoey asked.

"Luna." Chocker said.

"Chuckles, I hate clowns." Fro grumbled.

"Needles." Rex said simply. "He deserves to die."

"I'm gonna kill Skell, even if it kills me." Zoey said with a vengeful gleam in her eyes.

"Well whatever happens I just hope to make it out alive." Rex said as he kept looking for the sign. He's doing this for Die and their future, if they have one.

So the games begin and the killers are sent loose, who will die first. Please tell me who you think will die first I would really like to know.

Happy Hallow's Eve. I hope you have a fun Halloween if you celebrate it, if you don't it's still cool.

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