Chapter Eighteen

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The next day

"A mission? I'm not even supposed to be going on any missions. I just got out the hospital not even 24 hours ago!" Amaterasu growled out glaring at Tsunade who glared back.

"Your going and that final!"

"So now you want me to go outside the village walls!? Make up your damn mind or so help me I'll kick your butt you old hag!"

"What'd you call me you little brat!"

"I didn't stutter or is your hearing starting to go away, old hag!"

"Why you little-!"

"Enough!" Tobirama hit Tsunade on her head, Madara doing the same to Amaterasu.

"Shut up and listen." Madara glared at Amaterasu who glared back at him with her Sharingan burning scarlet. After a minute or so her Sharingan slowly vanished from her eyes turning her head away crossing her arms with a frown.


"Alright, Amaterasu, you and a few others will be going to the camp sites today. The sooner we deal with this the better. Also... Three people will be going with the groups that we and the other kages picked out."

"I know Shin will be coming but who else?" Amaterasu looked at Minato with a confused look, she took notice how he and the rest of the Hokages exchanged looks. Madara sighed.

"Bring them in." The door opened in stepped the three people who she didn't want to see again, let alone the little brat who was smirking at her.

"I'll kill you, you fucking little brat!" Ama didn't waste anytime and ran towards Reiden kunai in hand. A pair of arms wrapped around her stopping from killing the boy who still had a smirk, taunting her as she struggled against the person.

"You! Because of you Shirō is dead! Because of you the villagers are dead! I'm going to cut of your head and place it on a wooden stake for all to see like those rouges that you ordered did to them! I'll kill you!"

"Amaterasu! That's enough!"

"Shut up! You don't have any right to order me around!"

"Listen to your mother!"

"I don't have one! I don't have a father! They are dead! I'm an only child! I have no family!" She glared at all three of them, the commas started spinning dangerously.

"They. Are. Dead. So stop acting like you are my family! Stop acting like I'm a child that needs to be scolded!" She could feel it. Her eyes were starting to hurt badly and the anger and hate she was feeling boiling inside of her wasn't helping not one bit.

She bowed her head looking at the ground as she hair cascaded down covering her face like a curtain, she noticed the arms that were wrapped around her wasn't that of her cousins or Madara. No, she knew it was him. Her lord.

"You're to much trouble." She couldn't help but smile a bit but noticed how blood started dripping onto the floor.


"Looks like you finally awakened the Mangekuō Sharingan. Be honored, you are the first woman in the Uchiha clan to have obtained such eyes." She napped her head up looking at Madara with her newly obtained Sharingan. Blood was coming from her eyes making it seem as though she was crying blood.

Madara saw the pain, the hate, the anger, the sorrow in her eyes. They somewhat reminded him of himself back in the warring era. She was the first woman to have ever gotten the Mangekuō Sharingan and without killing her best friend.

"Be glad you didn't kill your best friend to get those eyes."

"Like I would ever kill my cousins for these forsaken eyes. They are my only family. I don't want these eyes."

"I'll gladly take those eyes of yours, sister."

"How about I just take your eyes before I go blind? While I'm at it I can rip out your heart and cut off your head? I'll gladly do that to you, brother." She smirked seeing him scowl at the infomation. She put her kunai away, placing her hand on Tobirama's arm. He slowly removed his arms as he watched the woman in front of him closely.

"I'm going home." Was all she said walking past the three figures heading to the door. Reiden rolled his eyes.

"What a waste. Those eyes should be used by someone who can handle them. They shouldn't belong to an outsider." Amaterasu appreard in front of him, her arm raised bring it down in one swift move. No body stopped her this time.

"Ahh!" Reiden screamed as he dropped to the ground on his knees holding the side of his face, blood seeping through his fingers as he glared up at Amaterasu. She kicked him so he was flat on his back, her foot pressing down on his neck.

"You listen good and listen well. I may be the outsider in my clan but you are nothing more then a bastard child who just inherited the Uchiha name because of our parents. I lived in the compound in this village, you just grew up around rouges. Who is more of an outsider out of the both of us? You are."

She put pressure on his neck making him gasp for air. Hashirama was about to call out to her but was silenced by Tsunade and Madara. The both of them had made a silent agreement that the brat needed to learn his place, Amaterasu was showing Reiden just how weak he truly is here in the village where he had no authority.

"You destroyed my second home along with the people who lived there. Innocent blood is on your hands and soon you'll be drowning in their blood. I'm going to say this once again, my dear foolish little brother, hurt any of my precious people and I'll take your eyes for myself before killing you with my bare hands. Got it?" She added more pressure. Reiden looked up at the woman who was currently crushing his windpipe with her foot. He looked into her eyes to see it was void of any emotion. They were that of a cold bloodied killer.

"Go it?"

"G-g-got I-it!" He managed to grasp out, she removed her foot as she did he took in deep breaths feeling his lungs with much needed air.

"Good. Now, behave and don't cause any trouble." With that being said Amaterasu vanished from the office to appear in her room.


Amaterasu has awaken her Mangekyō Sharingan! I don't own the picture!

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