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I'm not one to mingle at parties. Especially at ones that have more unfamiliar people than familiar, and in a town that is new to me on all sides. That is why I have no problem cradling my chilled cup of cherry punch between my fingers at the outer edges of the social arena.

Either way, staying distant to watch and analyze people of this time period has always been something I enjoy doing. Capturing every moment, I guess, even though I have more than enough memories to last a few lifetimes. I'm undeserving of such an eternal gift, but I never did get a choice in the matter.

Alaric silently stands next to me. He has definitely kept his promise to Damon by not letting me out of his sight. The request alone is stupid because I am fully capable of taking care of myself alone. Damon knows this, which may be why he always antagonizes me to not take my immortal life for granted. I guess I just don't care anymore at this point.

Despite being a babysitter, Alaric has actually proven to be good company. He was hesitant around me for a while, even after I assured him I would not be a danger to his makeshift family. I mean, who can blame him? From the stories he's told me of his time in Mystic Falls, this poor man will probably always be on alert to new dangers.

I spotted Elena's arrival a few minutes ago. As soon as she stepped into the space, her eyes started scanning for someone I probably wouldn't know. I have to keep reminding myself how important she is to Damon whenever I'm around her because she just irks me in a way I can't describe. Sounds like I'm still not Elena's biggest fan.

I feel Alaric tense next to me. He glances at me quickly, then excuses himself from my side after a second of thought. I try to follow his path with my eyes when he walks away, but quickly lose him in the growing crowd

I smooth down the overly short, violet dress Elena let me borrow for the event. I was content on staying at her house and not coming along, but Damon insisted that he would rather I was close by just in case anything happened tonight.

I think he's struggling with not having Stefan around to protect Elena, which is why he discretely asked me to stick around when Alaric and Elena were too busy to notice. I didn't need much persuading to stay as this is the one place Klaus and Stefan will be avoiding, but I may regret saying yes if these parties continue to be a thing.

The feeling of being a fish out of water surrounds me since I don't have Alaric's familiarity to cling to. I'm almost grateful when Elena comes up to meet me.

"I need your help." She says immediately.

I bite my tongue from questioning her with my usual sarcasm. The look on her face shows urgency and a bit of fear, so I follow behind her quietly to wherever her new disaster is.

We end up on the opposite side of the party. The beautiful landscaping leads us to a private area with its own seating and distance from watchful eyes. The noise of the crowd is drowned out by an elegant stone fountain in the corner and I could not be more thankful.

There are two girls Elena's age sitting across from each other on the provided benches. She walks up to them easily, but I hesitate at their supernatural aura.

"The company you keep just keeps getting more surprising, Elena." I say, gazing at the two. "A Bennett witch and another immortal."

The witch's head snaps in my direction with the sound of her name. She narrows her eyebrows slightly but doesn't say anything about my classification.

"The necklace," Elena starts, interrupting our silent interaction, "It... burned me, just like it would do if Damon touched it."

Bobbing my head, I take the necklace she is now holding out for me. A sad smile plays on my lips as I examine it to be sure it is the one I recognized. Not that I doubted my magic, but now I know up close that this is the same one from my vision.

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